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You should not be doing anything in a dieting phase that you couldn’t continue to long term

Losing weight. Turns out we are actually pretty good at it. ⠀

Maintaining results however, is an entirely new set of challenges that require intention.⠀

If you’ve ever lost weight, then immediately returned to life as you lived it before your first progress picture, you know what happens.⠀

In my experience this is usually due to taking unsustainable measures to achieve your goal, then not having an exit strategy upon completion.⠀

👉You should not be doing anything in a dieting phase that you couldn’t continue to incorporate long term. ⠀

That means a hard pass on:⠀


❌Eliminating entire food groups⠀

❌Excessive training⠀

Rather, make room for actions (soon to be habits) that align with your goals:⠀

✅Foundational resistance training paired with movement you love⠀

✅Understanding macros or how to build a balanced plate⠀

✅Meal prep and planning⠀

But let’s be real, being in a deficit is HARD. There are temporary sacrifices that will have to be made. You can expect:⠀

🟡Reduction of things that may make fat loss harder (different for everyone, oftentimes alcohol or meals out)⠀

🟡Hunger - not an emergency, but learning how to optimize what you DO eat and drink will help⠀

🟡Effort outside of nutrition and exercise - this includes things like sleep, minset, being the architect of your own environment, and is most often overlooked and undervalued ⠀

Here’s where you’ll find the bridge to sustainable fat loss: (which is the only kind I care about)⠀

It’s at the intersection of building long term habits that align with your goals through a dieting phase, and continuing them with the addition of more food within the framework of your new habits. ⠀

Sound hard? ⠀

If you want something you’ve never had you need to do something you’ve never done. ⠀

Are you willing to try? Ask me anything 👇⠀

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