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Cozy Earth: code CECROKUS saves 40% on luxury bedding, clothing and gifts

PureFin raw, full-spectrum CBDa products: code Katie saves you 10%

Crz Yoga: code KATIE10 saves 10% on athleisure apparel

Organifi Super Food Supplements: code KatieC saves 15% 

Babe Lash: code Katie saves you 20% 

Chomps Sticks: code Katie15 saves 15%

Butcher Box: new member deals monthly

Seed Synbiotic (probiotic/prebiotic): Katie15 saves 15%

PEScience: KATIE to save 15%

G2G Bars: KATIEC to save 15%

Cocoa Bar in a Jar: KATIE10 to save 10%

Cut da Carb Wraps: Katie10 to saves new customers 10% on a pack of 24

SimplyDelish Jel Desserts: KATIE saves 10%

HIIT Nutrition Delicious Plant-Based Products: Katie saves 10%

Signos Continuous Glucose Monitor: link saves 20% on 1, 3 or 6 months