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You Can't Mess This Up

What do you do when your nutrition gets off track or you feel like your habits have derailed?⠀ Maybe you just overate to the point of discomfort and disappointment. It’s fine. You’re fine. It happens to me and everyone else out there. One overindulgent meal or even a week of them won’t make a bit of difference in your long term progress IF you can understand and execute this one, simple concept: ⠀ 👉You Can’t Mess This Up👈⠀ Those are the wise and powerful words of @syattfitness and anytime I find myself disconnected from my nutrition goals, I repeat them to myself.⠀ This reminds me that I am always in control and only ever 1 meal away from finding my stride again. The simple formula to stay consistent is: don’t have two overly indulgent meals in a row if you are working toward a fat loss goal. BASIC.⠀ But it happens. And when it does, want to know what I *don’t* do? ⠀ ❌Starve myself ⠀ ❌Skip a rest day⠀ ❌Add extra cardio⠀ All of those punishing behaviors will reinforce the binge/purge cycle and the idea that you did something wrong, when in reality you may just be living 👏your 👏best 👏life! ⠀ And candidly, it wasn’t until I started practicing this scenario in a purposeful way, that I really began to harness it. Intentionally having untracked meals or vacation weeks where pizza and soft-serve were life (HELLO NJ shore Aug ‘18 - pictured) forced me to practice hitting the reset button - without drastic measures like detoxes and brutal HIIT sessions. ⠀ The takeaway didn’t come from what I ate in those moments, but rather, how I empowered myself to return to my routine when I got home.⠀ Remember there are no medals for making fat loss as grueling as possible. It’s already hard. And whether you’ve hit your goals or are actively working toward a healthier lifestyle, it is so important to know how to navigate life events like holidays, celebrations or that impromptu trip for donuts.⠀ I spent years gaining and losing the same 10-20lbs. And at the bottom of every fat loss phase, I would fear the inevitable return to my former weight...until I retooled my fear-based mindset to this objective message: ⠀ 🗣You Can’t Mess This Up

September 11, 2019

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