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You Are A Masterpiece

I recently received a DM from a gorgeously strong and undeniably fit woman asking my advice on what her next steps could be, in order to lose a couple pounds regained in a reverse diet.⠀ One thing I want to make 100% crystal clear - aesthetic goals are just as valid and deserve to be celebrated the same as any performance or health goal. It is absolutely possible to LOVE yourself, be a masterpiece, and a work in progress all at the same time. Read that last sentence again.⠀ One of my favorite things about counting macros is its undeniable power to drive results when you are consistently adherent and patient. Numbers (and the basic law of energy balance) don’t lie, and for data driven individuals like myself, there is nothing more satisfying than putting in the work and earning the results. ⠀ But it is just one of the levers you can pull on changing your body composition.⠀ Another tool is managing your energy output. Keep in mind that whatever you chose to do here; be it long distance running, HIIT sessions or just hitting a daily step goal, your metabolism will adapt. However, if you are looking for a way to increase a deficit slightly, some additional strategically planned cardio has great application in the short term! But it is not mandatory for fat loss. ⠀ Finally there is growing lean muscle mass. This is considered ‘calorically expensive’ to your body, so once you have it on your frame, you’re metabolic rate will increase and you’ll burn more just doing things like sleeping and breathing. On the flip side, if you don’t take care of what’s you’ve build in the form of adequate protein, training and recovery, it will be the first thing to go when you are in a deficit. ⠀ Yes, it can be super fun to walk around with sculpted arms or some ab definition, even if only for a few months. Aesthetic goals are honestly why most people begin going to the gym so it’s no surprise that when we achieve one or find ourselves transitioning away, we aren’t always sure what to do next. If this DM resonates with you, consider which levers you could pull in the context of your own life and start experimenting! You might even grow to love the process as much as I do 🤓

September 2, 2019

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