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what, like it's hard or something? yes. (deconstructed green chicken enchiladas)


Hello and Happy Sunday!

What. A. Week. My guess is you feel it too. It's that time of year when all the energy of fall that charged me up one month ago is losing steam fast.

I had to hunker down this week and take care of a lot of family matters and personal commitments. There was also a lot of behind the scenes work done to prepare for this and future blog posts, because I have so much I want to share with you in this new format.

My presence on instagram was in direct correlation to my available brainspace after all the most important tasks were accomplished this week, and that's how I see the future playing out as well. I hope you'll still find value in what I create even if it doesn't come linked in a pretty story or reel!


Exactly no one will be surprised by this but currently I am LIVING in all things cozy.

Like, is there ever a reason to put on hard pants or wrap myself in anything other than pure bliss? Certainly not.

I have a couple deals to share on a few things I am loving lately:

My joggers and matching crew from Cozy Earth. I have them in three colors (light grey, black -wearing here- and white) and wear them color blocked or mix and matched. And my holiday code has officially kicked in - KATIE45 will take 45% off the price of anything sitewide until the end of the year. But I know favorite colors and sizes will sell out so make you lists early!

I also found this amazing JCrew collarless sweater blazer through Not Your Plain Sarah Jane. (You follow her right?! A must!) I got it earlier this fall when it was on sale 40% off. I am certain they'll have another fall sale, so if it calls to you too, check back! It drapes so perfectly over a jogger set (even my bulkier ones!) and athletic shoes, but also doubles as a nice jacket if I am wearing something a little more polished.


Sharing my feelings on this required an entire segment of this email. It could not (and likely still won't) be covered in any mess of words I type out.

Because for real, I needed an actual moment to process this. Tuesday, the day they went live, I had so many 'emergencies' pop up that I didn't so much as post a story, let alone a thank you for the absolutely herculean support that came from this community.

I hope if you are someone who was waiting for this, you were able to secure your bundle. I don't think we'll do anything exactly like this again, but Monique and I definitely have some ideas for the future. It was so much fun working together and even more rewarding, was offering our community a discount on some tried and true favorites that are so in line with our passion.

Thank you; for your support and for your love. We are profoundly grateful! I am hopeful there will be another similar partnership in 2023.


These days, fast dinners are a MUST. I'm not talking about meal-prepped arranging where you pull and heat all your pre-cooked proteins and veggies in 5 minutes before mealtime (if you are doing this, you are pretty much crushing life - applause, applause).

I am referring to walking in the door at 5:55 for the first time in 10 hours and having nothing planned. In fairness, it comes together not completely without thought. I always have a few basic pantry staples on hand, and try to keep 1lb of raw meat in my fridge at all times to make a meal like this available any given weekday.

But still; until they are combined, they are just 'ingredients' and not actually dinner. So here is how I created dinner Tuesday night in 20 min. Recipe: Deconstructed Green Chicken Enchiladas (Gluten Free) Ingredients: 1lb ground chicken (use any meat you have)

3 dorot garlic cubes (or use 3/4 tsp garlic powder)

2 tsp cumin

2 tsp chili lime powder (or regular chili powder)

1-2 tsp salt

1 - 4 oz can diced green chiles

1 - 8 oz package frontera green enchilada sauce

1/3 cup water

6 - 6 inch white corn tortillas, cut into 1-2'' strip pieces

1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt (113 g)

3/4 cup trader joe's light mexican cheese (84 g) Method: Preheat oven to 375 degrees and prepare a 8 or 9'' pan by coating with nonstick spray.

Cook and break apart ground meat in a nonstick pan. Add garlic and seasonings and continue cooking until evenly distributed. Add diced green chiles, enchilada sauce and water. Stir to combine. Add tortilla strips and evenly coat in the sauce. Turn off the heat and stir in the greek yogurt.

Transfer the mixture into the prepared pan and bake for 10 minutes. Broil for 1-2 more to get a crispy top.

I like to serve alongside chips, shredded romaine and a blend of ranch and salsa to top it off. White queso would also be an excellent addition!

4 servings: 253g each

Calories: 317 Carbs: 24

Fat: 9

Protein: 35 Fiber: 3 MFP Entry: Katie Crokus Deconstructed Chicken Enchiladas As written, this recipe only serves 3-4 so consider doubling and using a 9x13 size pan. Oven time will remain the same. Store leftovers in the fridge for up to a week. They reheat beautifully! Please let me know if you give this super easy recipe a try.

For a printable PDF of this recipe, click below.

Deconstructed Green Chicken Enchiladas (3)
Download PDF • 1.41MB

I also made a printable PDF of the Apple Cobbler from last week for you. Click the link below to download!

Apple Cobbler
Download PDF • 1.65MB


S'mores season still going strong around here.

The greyest day - with snow showers! - inspired this. And these for Saturday morning. Can't wait!

I casually set down my nightly beam next to the dog's bedtime treats, and more than one person in this house had to be told they were not for human consumption. I'll admit, Three Dog Bakery makes some tasty looking treats. Do you give your pets bedtime snacks like I do?

Tried a new nail color and shape! I have never gone for the round before and usually my neutral go to is soft white. Side note, since I've gained weight my nails have never been stronger or longer #nonscalevictory

Do you love the morning bun my girls picked out to have with breakfast Friday morning? I haven't talked about anything weight related in a hot minute. I guess it's because I don't think about it nearly as much these days. But that's not to say that passing thoughts don't exist at all! I love following this account for intuitive eating inspiration. Tell me in the comments if this is still a hot topic for you.

There are days when my kids and I just need each other and it totally syncs up. Tess and I spent Tuesday together and ended our full day squeezing in lunch just before we had to pick her sisters up from school.

Elle, our youngest, is our family comedian and we tell her so. And it was only until recently that she stopped saying 'I'm the Canadian' to people. We're happy to have finally clarified that.

Nightly routine anytime there's not an activity for Anna, and I cherish this time. We love to watch something and eat our dessert together. Favorites include Impractical Jokers, Love It or List It Too and I am trying real hard to get Gilmore Girls in the mix. Chocolate is always in the mix.

I made a batch of roasted sweet potatoes to use as a side, a base for a nourishing bowl or on salads. My no-fail method: preheat oven to 400, cut into but sized pieces, spray with oil, coat with seasonings (I like salt, garlic powder & currently this) and set a timer for 30 min. Flip halfway through for the best distribution of seasonings. Works like magic with any veggie you want to roast!

Dog days of Fall. They are not so bad. We had my parents' dog Scout for several days and he made himself at home. That's his bed Redstone found.

The Simply Delish plant based proteins are live! You can find them at the best price here, then make this Lava Mug Cake that is insane. Chocolate lovers only.

Did I go to lunch at Ancho & Agave again?! Looks like yes and this time I got a burrito bowl. Half came home for my husband's dinner. Whenever I go out with a friend there is too much talking to eat!

There was wind and rain overnight and now the leaves are finally falling in Madison.

And while they are, I'm in Colorado for the next 8 days. I'm not sure how much posting I'll do on instagram, but you know I'll be back in your inbox next weekend with all the updates! Enjoy the week everyone! Warmly, Katie P.S. Could I ask a favor? In an effort to keep this community bustling, it would mean so much if you could leave a comment. Tell me anything; what you like to see in these posts, what you don't like so much, what's happening in your world this sunday...anything! Let's connect with each other! G E T I N T O U C H Communicate & Connect @katiecrokus


There is no bigger show of gratitude to a creator than to comment and share their work. If someone forwarded this to you, but you'd like to subscribe, click here T H E F I N E P R I N T This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions and words are my own. I only talk about products and companies I truly love! Thank you for your continued support! You can find all my affiliate codes here.

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Oct 21, 2022

I look forward to your emails every week. They're like catching up with a friend! The CPO bars have become a staple in my life. I can never get enough. Thanks for sharing with us!


Oct 18, 2022

Love and appreciate the recipe cards!


Oct 17, 2022

I just bought my first packets of Simply Delish. Can you share or link your favorite recipes?


Oct 16, 2022

I look forward to your weekly email on Sunday mornings. I do not follow on Instagram since I’ve never been a social media person, but I LOVE your podcast and listen regularly. Your ZPO bars are heaven for breakfast with my iced oatmeal cocoa bar in a jar!! I enjoy reading about your family, where you live, etc because I have two kids and I too live in Wisconsin! Thank you for creating content in this space and know that 2x/week (podcast and blog post) I very much enjoy your opinions, recipes, overall content!

Katie Crokus
Katie Crokus
Oct 23, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much! It’s a pleasure to connect with you 🥰


Oct 16, 2022

I have been making on a weekly basis the sheet pan pumpkin protien pancakes since you posted the recipe. So good and easy to put together. Love your content Katie! Thank you!🍁

Katie Crokus
Katie Crokus
Oct 16, 2022
Replying to

Oh thank you so much!! I’ve been making them on repeat too. I’m hooked.

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