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What, do you have a cough due to a cold? {enchilada skillet}


TLDR: I traded in a month of social media for views like this. Now we are caught up.

If you were someone who wanted me to pick up right where I am've arrived. I am refreshed, happier, and more peaceful (possibly) than I've ever known. If you've ever contemplated a social media detox, I highly recommend it. I'll talk more about where I am and what's to come moving forward in future emails (maybe!).

But for now, here's a glimpse into what my world looked like without consuming any social media or diving into its associated work.

Thanks for your patience with me!


Ok there is SO MUCH I have been loving lately, but much of it doesn't come with any links - family game time, long walks, a new yoga practice, a flood of creativity bubbling over in ways I never imagined. But I'll share as much as I can!

I am on day 23 of a 40 day spiritual stamina meditation practice lead by Kyle Gray. We are building up to 12 minutes of Kundalini-style mediation where arms are positioned overhead for the duration of the practice. The stamina comes from holding the body position and focusing on the matra, which initiates a primal life-force energy from within, that rises through the chakras, piercing through the crown, and divinely connecting you to whatever higher power in which you believe. The first 5 days were awful. Every day since then has been mind blowing. Do you want to know more?

I stumbled across the movie You People on Netflix right before boarding a plane and needed a quick download. I didn't even watch the trailer, but saw the cast and that was enough for me. I had no idea how much I would love it, top to bottom. I watched it, then handed my husband the ipad and started watching it again across the aisle. It's not exactly 'clean' but that won't stop me from watching it one more time, hopefully with Ana if she'll share 90 minutes of her time with me. EDITED TO ADD: a reader shared this with me: and enlightened me to ways both minority groups were appropriated and misrepresented. As I've made clear, I've been living under a rock and selected this film blindly. I haven't been aware of any of this controversy. So this insight clearly exhibits how I was watching through the lens of my own privilege (admittedly, I did not know about Louis Farrakhan). This 'institutional blindness' permitted me to absorb the entertainment of the film and not see the deeper messaging. My sincerest apologies to the groups marginalized by this film and the continued oppression faced by these groups in this world. I appreciate the feedback from my reader and am grateful for the opportunity to reflect on this.

Two books, wildly different, both had me hooked. If you like light, fast and easy, try One Day in December (not really a holiday story). If you want to be all-consumed by a story that is mysterious, haunting, fascinating, captivating and beyond, I highly recommend The Alice Network. It's been tough to get through certain passages, but at the same time, I could not put it down. So excited about the book club chat on this one!

THIS cookbook, that I am so excited to return to each time we visit the rockies or anywhere at altitude. I found it at one of my favorite stores in Frisco, The Next Page (I could spend ALL DAY here). I want to be best friends with the women who wrote it. Or at least visit their bakery in Mammoth Lakes, CA one day.

These were on sale and I've wanted an atomic green color shoe for so long! Anna wore one of mine and one of her hot pink ones to school on mismatch day this week, so I know I am 50% cool.

Sleeping every night in my Cozy Earth Bamboo Stretch Knit Tapered Pant and Long Sleeved Polo in Pomegranate. I love that the pants don't ride up my legs while I sleep. My code CECROKUS for the off-season is 40% - stay tuned for more new cashmere releases coming soon! Frankly I cannot imagine the material getting any better.

The snow and the temps plummeted while we were in Summit County. I wound up hanging on to a snubbed funnel neck fleece scuba Tess didn't want for Christmas and I'm so glad I did! It was the perfect heavy-but-cozy layer I wore overtop my favorite crew for all the skiing, hiking and tubing we did. Currently on sale for $99 (at that discount, apparently Tess wasn't the only one who didn't love it).

Podcasts I've listened to and loved lately:

Smartless episodes with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, I just love them both so much.

We Can Do Hard Things with Sonya Renee Taylor: What If You Loved Your Body?

Macros, Muscle and Manifestation: Embracing Your Winter Season For Transformation

Wake Up With Weslie: My Faith Expansion Story - this one plays like an audiobook and is tragic, disturbing, enlightening and shock-inducing all rolled up into a story of redemption. There is so much I can never understand about the lens through which those in the LDS community view the world. But this was the closest I've ever come to (one) insiders full perspective. I have enormous respect for anyone who feels wholly fulfilled in their spiritual practice, whatever it may be. I am so happy she found hers.

A MOMENT (or five)

Realizations this past month:

  1. What I do (did) on social media is WORK. I always reduced it to taking a few moments out of my day as it would normally happen to snap a photo or share a story. Turns out I did in fact have a 'job' that I never truly acknowledged insofar as effort and impact in my life. Time to work in some boundaries.

  2. I am happier when I don't have any idea what anyone else is doing.

  3. My closest friends have changed so much over the years - and that is OK, appropriate even. All the different seasons have called for many different types of support. Pre-kids, my infertility journey, when I was dripping with infants, finding new space for myself, becoming reacquainted with who I am...and beyond. I know there will be many more. How lucky we are to have these chapters that accumulate to such a soul-filling existence. Especially thankful for the few crossover friends that carry through multiple phases. And the new ones who show up at just the right moment for all the right reasons. (I heard of the concept of 'Cauldron Sisters' in this podcast with Tracee Ellis Ross - it's so good. Maybe you have another name for these remarkable connections?)

  4. Independence shouldn't always be the goal. I've really missed sharing things I love with people I love (you, my friends here!). But I am looking ahead into offering support in a more unconventional way. A 'collaboration' in a different sense of the word. And I have a very concrete idea of how I'll incorporate this into the next phase of my life. I'll share more about it in the future.

  5. When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Looking back at the last 40 years of my life, I know my tool has been restriction. (Do you know yours?) It was the solve for every problem I ever faced. It's kept me safe in so many ways. And I never learned another way. Without even realizing it, you can restrict from SO many things, which is what makes this particular tool so sneaky - think: food, sleep, peace, rest, compassion, grace, friendships, love - and from the outside, your life just looks like you know how to hustle and are earning 'gold stars.' This culture celebrates it. In January, I've finally 'become sober' from all restriction and am feeling pretty balanced. Are you at all like me? What's your tool? I'd love to hear in the anonymous comments section!

WHAT'S (literally) ON MY PLATE

I've been recycling a lot of old recipes! In fact, if you got a reply from me on instagram in the last month, it was because I was digging through my feed trying some old favorites like this one. Pictured above is my Turkey, Black Bean & Sweet Potato Enchilada skillet, which is my go to when I have 20 minutes to prepare dinner.

Enchilada Skillet
Download PDF • 1.57MB

While I won't ever NOT have the pancake bars on hand, I've been enjoying super satisfying bowls of cauli oats or game day chili on the coldest mornings too (both revised and perfected in Food for Thought).

Obviously lasagna and fresh bread during these frigid, snowy weeks have been mainstays on the menu. The lasagna isn't much of a recipe, in fact it changes every time based on the noodles, sauce and type of meat I have on hand. (If you like the idea of zucchini lasagna, try this one) The seasonings always stay the same however: salt, pepper, garlic, onion, oregano, basil and a pinch of red pepper flakes.

The one constant I always use is this mixture in place of the ricotta: two cups of cottage cheese, two eggs, a handful of freshly grated parmesan, fresh pepper & parsley. Immersion blend until smooth and layer along with the noodles, meat sauce and cheeses. My mom makes the best lasagna (she's owned this title my whole life), and she's always used cottage cheese, which is why I have always done it this way.

One of my favorites, Easy Chicken Fried Rice (below), went instantly on the menu after I bought these cute twisted chopsticks from Sur La Table (returning some stocking stuffers that were repeats). You can find the recipe on my IG here.

We hosted a 'tacos & pajamas' party (I highly recommend this theme to any host) and despite all the delicious leftovers from AzTec Taqueria my girls were craving their favorite nachos from another local Mexican place, so we squeezed in a quick visit the day before we left for Colorado. I just can't say no to a well-stuffed chicken quesadilla.

In Frisco ('our spot' in Colorado - a few highlights here), we got takeout from Uptown on Main and declared it the best overall 'upscale' family friendly food in town. From pizza to sides, everything is delicious, even carryout. Impressive. I wish I had taken a photograph of the dish I got from Pure Kitchen, also in Frisco. If you're looking for 'fresh & healthy' food with a side of light comfort, it's one spot you don't want to miss!

Earlier this month, I committed to trying some new cookie recipes, like the famous pan-banging chocolate chip cookies from Sarah Kieffer. The verdict: a TEN. So delicious; chewy inside, crunchy outside but definitely not worth the labor every time we're craving a cookie around here. Only 4 to a pan, with multiple 'bangs' during each cook time means about 18 (enormous) cookies require two hours of near-constant supervision. Perfect for a special guest or occassion or if you want to really impress your friends! Or if you decide to take a month off the news and social media and happen to have some time you want to fill in a really rewarding way, I highly recommend these.


I bought this mesmerizing, framed, firepit print from a local artist off the wall of a cafe when I was having breakfast with Abby. It spoke to me immediately and I love that it sits in a place I see it every single evening as we are winding down the day.

Brand new from Babe Original (I just love how they are expanding their line), this Densifying Hair Serum. I know what Babe Original serum can do for as someone with VERY fine, thin hair, I have high hopes for this one. You can read a little more about it here, but I promise to keep you posted on my results. Code Katie still works for 20% off. If you happen to see this by Feb 2, you get a free lash serum if you order today.

I took an arm knitting class with a friend and walked away with this gnarly pile of knotted yarn. Sweet Elle said: 'Cool mom, but like, I'd never wear it. And you probably shouldn't either.' So I untangled it and it's been sitting in a sad pile on my dining room table for 3 weeks. The yarn is so soft and I think I can make it right if I just take my time since I have made these into blankets in the past!

Team Ambition has been having a STELLAR competition season.

Wayne gave Elle's room a little facelift, changing her brown trim and dark walls to a brighter white. We also sold the bundbeds and she's finally in a true big-girl bed. Sigh.

Basketball continues to be a highlight for us each weekend. Anna is always the easiest to spot. Especially when both teams are basically in the same color.

Colorado called and we answered. Red continues to be the best medicine for my flight anxiety.

My mom joined us this trip, which was so much fun! Here we are in Breckenridge (about 10 min from Frisco). Highlights from past travels to Breck here and here.

We skied and the landscape was so stunning it didn't look real.

We hiked. Same with the background, like a movie set.

We went tubing at the Frisco Adventure Park - highly recommend this activity!

The snow was relentless for days and pure perfection.

No one was the least bit mad about it.

I love this picture on our first day with my favorite guys.

Just about the best restroom sign ever.

We found the 'secret sleeping spot' at the Denver airport (according to TikTok).

Unfortunately we had to come home. Pretty overhead views of downtown Madison and the Isthmus.

To no one's surprise, the cats missed us less than we missed them.

Coming back to Catholic Schools Week means a different wacky dress up theme each day.

Anna is finding a way to incorporate a celebration of the Eagles with each themed day.

Lamenting the realization that it was Tuesday night and not Thursday night the week we returned.


Sometimes January can be extraordinary. A fresh start! A beautiful new vision board! A shiny new set of goals!

And other times the rah-rah smoke-and-mirrors bullshit of everyone ELSE killing it can make you feel more hollow than ever.

Either way, I wanted to share a simple prayer for you from one my favorite writers, Rebecca Campbell. May it help guide you and bring you peace in the surrender if you are feeling stuck.

Thank you for honoring my time away with such patience, love and support. I am so grateful for you!

Warmly, Katie

P.S. If you're not a subscriber, or know someone who would like to be, it's a great time to sign up for emails. I just added a 12-recipe download that will get sent to everyone who signs up. Since most of you already are, I wanted to share it with you too. Click below to see it.

Bonus Recipe Book 2023
Download PDF • 15.65MB

P.P.S. If you made it alllll the way to here, I have a $250 PEScience gift card code 88CPX4M2 I am sharing here for anyone who needs it. Just a few guidelines, and we go with the honors system:

1. Please just one item per purchase so the card stretches to as many people as possible.

2. Please use my link to save another 15% (code Katie should be applied).

3. If you do use the any of the giftcard, I'd love to know what you get, please let me know in the comments. Thank you! {Pictured, Pumpkin Protein Pancakes, made with PEScience Cake Pop}

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20 de fev. de 2023



Welome back Katie - so very grateful for you in my life! Thank you for the recipes!!! Just tried using the PE Science gift card, and it is all used up, just so you know. Please let us know where you go, and when you plan to go, so we can continue to follow!! I recently bought shelf stable riced broccoli, and plan on trying the pumpkin oat bars with them in place of cauliflower. I will let you know how that goes. Oat bars are an every day item on my meal plan. Iced with a immersion blended cottage cheese and PE Science cake pop mixture. SOOO darn good! Topped with lots of berries. You were very misse…


Maureen Mauk
Maureen Mauk
03 de fev. de 2023

I love your blogs and missed them too. I love the inspiring links, the quotes, the recipes. I want to know where your local mexican go-to place is b/c those quesadillas look legit! I haven't had time to listen to the podcast yet, but am intrigued by the idea of "Cauldron Sisters." In my mind, it means, ladies from all walks of your life and representing different things you need and enjoy who'll gladly come around a fire to burn down the night via drinks, laughs, and a healthy dose of inspiring spirituality aka witchy-ness to help you get through or make sense of life's ride. Actually, that art with the fire pit you picked up would suit us perfectly…


03 de fev. de 2023

Thank you for the great recipes, spreading the love and light and helping people more than you realize. Your continued insights help me to look at myself, like my self, improve myself. I sooo missed your blogs.


03 de fev. de 2023

I’m trying the chocolate truffle ! Thank you! Your January sounds fabulous!

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