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Tracking SHREDS - so important

This just in, getting back to reality is an effort that requires more than just setting the alarm in the morning and getting some meal prep knocked out.⠀

My body aches to be back in the bliss and beauty of the mountains. But my brain is very much home and screaming at me to ‘get back to work!’⠀

One thing I did commit to bringing home with me, is better management of my internal stressors that triggered the need for a getaway in the first place.⠀

Tracking my biofeedback has always been important. But actually addressing the deficits, is what so many of us find the most challenging or worse, unnecessary!⠀

@sammillerscience introduced me the acronym ‘SHREDS,’ which I make the foundation of my lifestyle pyramid. If any one of the below markers is less than what I need, then a physical goal cannot be achieved long term —> living proof of this currently!⠀

SLEEP - I want 8 hours, uninterrupted for less than 20 min if I wake⠀

HUNGER - should be moderate, predictable and existent, but not crippling ⠀

RECOVERY - chronic soreness should not occur⠀

ENERGY - circadian rhythms guide the body; that afternoon dip or spike in the middle of the night are not good!⠀

DIGESTION - bloating, discomfort or irregularity may mean a bigger root problem in the gut like malabsorption of nutrients⠀

STRESS - turning the dial back on what CAN be controlled in my world - work is a big one⠀

What were my red flags?⠀

I’m out of space so I will save this for my next post! But in the meantime, remember this...⠀

We are not meant to be madly productive 365 days a year. There are seasons for a reason. I love flowing into the fall with restoration top of mind. Taking a cue from nature on this one and feeling hibernation vibes right now.⠀

Does any of this ring true for you? Are my symptoms even interesting 😂 I’d love it if you shared your perspective!⠀

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