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Top Favorite Podcasts

Anyone else feel absolutely assaulted by their alarm this morning? What got me going today was the chance to dive into some of my favorite content. ⠀ I love podcasts. I love them so much that I subscribe to about 50, but really only get to listen to a few on a regular basis. ⠀ My favorite genres are (hold on to your hat, you KNOW how wildly unpredictable I can be)...⠀ 🤗Heath and fitness⠀ 🥰Family⠀ 🤓Self-awareness/improvement⠀ 🤣Humor⠀ TOP 5🏆⠀ 🖤Mindpump: With over 1000 episodes and an app that allows you to search for exactly the subject you’d like to hear discussed, this is my #1. Plus down-to-the-minute show notes that let me land right where I want to be. If I have time I like the banter up front, but I am always anxious to get to the Q&A portion @mindpumpmedia⠀ ⠀ 🖤Holderness Family Podcast: You’ve seen their videos right? There’s nothing better. Except their podcast. They are IN my season of life, and I love their irreverent but honest take on all the highs and lows we face in marriage and parenting. They share a lot of personal experience which lends itself to LOTS of humor, and also feature experts on subjects like anxiety or body confidence in kids, how to make friends as adults and back to school resolutions for kids and parents. I never miss an episode.⠀ 🖤Muscle For Life: More science-based evidence, research and support for fat loss goals and long term healthy living, which is information I am devouring these days. Mike Matthews has great interviews, but also brings so much insight and expertise to the conversation, that he hardly needs guests. Plus they are usually around 30 minutes, so I can digest all in one listen.⠀ 🖤Biceps after Babies Radio: Amber. My girl. My first coach and she knocks it out of the park every.single.episode. Just start from the beginning @bicepsafterbabies 🖤Dax Shepard Armchair Expert: If you like funny and aren’t listening to this, stop what you are doing and subscribe now. I can’t take the time to listen to every single one episode, so I strategically select based on which interview I want to hear. But I’ve found even listening to those that don’t spark immediate interest, is always a good choice. Dax is hilarious, insightful and pretty dang smart.

September 9, 2019

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