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Time is your MOST valuable resource

Ah my Sunday uniform (and my mini ❤️). You have one too right? Either/or. Please tell me you do. Both are so fun.⠀ Have you ever looked back on the day and thought - ‘omg, I that went fast! What happened?!’ Usually it’s after you find yourself running from one errand to the next, barely recognizing where one commitment ends and the next begins. ⠀ It can feel exhausting but also oddly exhilarating. Like that feeling after a daunting workout is over and you think, ‘yeah, I just did that!’⠀ Confession: I kind of love those days⠀ ❤️I get shit done⠀ 🧡I am never food focused⠀ 💛My mood is uplifted and stimulated by the motion ⠀ Movement is magic - all of it, especially that which you do in any of the 15 waking hours *outside* the gym each day!⠀ 👉Time is your most valuable resource.⠀ If ‘doing nothing’ is what serves you today - I hope that is what you do! But if after a reasonable amount of downtime you start to feel restless, there is no shame in finding productive ways to enjoy your day. Even on a rest day.⠀ This is a deload week for me, so I am on my final of three restorative rest days (it wasn’t easy). My plan is morning errands followed by some meal prep, and some ✨recipe development✨! While there won’t be any training involved, I will still move with conscious intention today...hopefully getting a thing (or twelve) checked off my list while I am at it!⠀ Movement doesn’t have to be prescribed or tracked on a watch. It all counts. It all adds up and rolls into your total daily energy expenditure (i.e. calorie burn); and when you can end the day feeling like you demolished your checklist? Well, that feels just as satisfying as a workout to me. Your body will thank you too.⠀ What’s on tap for your Sunday? Circling the wagons for the week ahead like I am? I’d love to know, do the high movement/no workout days charge you up too?⠀

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