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This is 40

‘This is 40’ 😆

Something I’ve self-deprecatingly said about my life more times than I can count this year. And I still will because there are so many funny truths about it, to name a few:

👉I’d rather sleep than go out (LOVE my ‘BTW I’m Leaving Early' sweatshirt) 👉I have a favorite spatula 👉College students look like 12 year olds

But you know what else came for me at 40? Confidence. Just a bit of swagger. The gumption to know that I can be me and do it unapologetically 👏

These are not things I did the first three decades of my life. Looking back, there is nary a full body picture of me to be found. Pregnancy photos? Insert all the crying emojis because I wouldn’t let anyone take any of me.

Now to be fair, for much of the past decade, I’ve been behind the camera capturing all the chaotic glory of 3 kids, a menagerie of pets and an abundance of joy; it’s cool. But it cannot be overstated that I feel a responsibility to insert myself in pictures now so there will be living proof that I participated in this family - and a big part of that is feeling better about myself.

It’s hard to know if maturity, wisdom or experiences brought me to this place, but one thing I know for sure is that changing my lifestyle to prioritize things that make me feel good, has absolutely had a bigger impact on my inner voice than any amount of external support. I had to learn to show up for myself

Candidly I’m still relatively new at this in the scope of my life. But the law of compound interest leads me to believe that bigger and better things will continue to unfold each year.

NOW...more importantly, does everyone already know about the lulu knockoffs on Amazon for $24?! Buttery soft, side pockets, hold you in all the right places. Talk about wisdom I wish I had ten years ago .

August 17, 2019

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