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The Real Me

Since I’m putting it all out there, I’ll be totally honest and say I wish I had not posted that picture yesterday, at least not yet. It’s still up because I like the message on the post, but I worry that the side-by-side comparison of my midsection three years ago vs. today, doesn’t paint the whole picture. Each of those photographs were just a snapshot. Literally a second in time that cannot fully capture all that was happening outside of that moment. In both of those photos (and seasons of life) I had absolutely everything I needed, and more.

I have so much more to say about that another day. But for now.... Less than an hour later, that tight tummy was full of coffee, oatmeal, eggs and lots of water - do you think I thought to take a picture of that? Nope. But an empty stomach upon waking up and giving my abs a solid squeeze? That was progress I wanted to track. I’m not sorry when I flex my biceps in a photo or squeeze my abs to remind myself of my hard work. But I do realize that when I share anything, I have a responsibility to consider the impact vs. intent. And sometimes, maybe not every time, I’ll address that like I’m about to do here. I absolutely intended to illustrate progress. But I should have presented with more transparency. So here it is: ❤️When I sit I have rolls! If it’s any time past 6am and I’m in jeans you can see them

❤️When I lean or bend over, you can see my saggy skin! Yay babies!

❤️The cellulite on my body will never go away - it’s in my DNA just like my blue eyes and one double jointed thumb! It’s cool

❤️After I eat my Big Ass Salad, I get bloated AF for at least an hour. Good thing the stomach stretches

❤️If I took ‘before’/‘after’ photos in the AM/PM on the same day, you might think it was a different person. My youngest loves to pat this area at night and remind me she was in there once. I love that

All of this is ME!! I am GOOD with these facts. But I’m not proud that I neglected to share them up front, as obvious as they may be to anyone with a human body.

Thanks friends. I appreciate your support and understanding as I try to navigate this new space 🖤

August 14, 2019

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