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The Paper Towel Effect

Have you ever woken up and wondered how it suddenly became a new season or how your toddler suddenly looks like a kid? Your health and fitness goals, while require intentional effort, can progress with the same staggering cadence if you want them to. ⠀ Let me introduce you to paper towel effect - if you don’t already know, it’s a brilliant analogy comparing a roll of paper towels to your physique goals. Just as you would grab a sheet off a roll of paper towels, if every day you are doing something small to move the needle on your fat loss efforts, time will reveal the fruits of your labor.⠀ It’s pretty simple (not easy) checklist:⠀ ✅ Hitting your protein goal⠀ ✅ Maintaining a small calorie deficit⠀ ✅ Getting in your steps⠀ ✅ Strength training⠀ ✅ Consistency⠀ Little by little, piece by piece the sheets peel off. Fat loss is happening. You don’t see the change every day, but after some time, you start to feel a little different. You’re noticing changes in how your clothing fits. Others start to ask what you’ve been doing differently. It’s less of a struggle to meal prep. Adherence takes less focus. You are establishing habits. ⠀ The magic of this process isn’t in any one life hack or shortcut. It’s the consistency piece. If you pull one sheet off the roll every minute, it will look a lot different in an hour. Apply that same concept to your health and fitness goals, and over time the same will be true. Check out my stories/highlights for the visual on this.⠀ One #truth we can all agree on: time will pass no matter what. Imagine how you’ll feel in three months if you start with just one positive change today!⠀ Now...with that said can we please talk about slowing time DOWN in the context of our kids growing up?! And WHY is the Halloween candy out? My favorite are the butterfinger cups - not bars, which are always in short supply...has anyone else tried that BLISS??⠀

August 29, 2019

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