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The ghost of your former self is standing up and applauding you right now

Tighter Together by the numbers⠀


📌26 workouts⠀

📌4 full rest days⠀

📌~2100 daily calories⠀


✏️0 pounds lost⠀

✏️Undetermined uptick in strength (home gym life)⠀

✏️Minimal physique changes gained ⠀

I am calling these past 4 weeks a HUGE WIN. ⠀

Would you agree? Or in the absence of lost weight, deficit calories and dramatically different before/after photos, did I fail to execute successfully?⠀

While I had boxes to check, this particular round of TT was about proving to myself that I am capable of personal growth even during times of great stress and unrest.⠀

This time, rather than assessing physical changes or binary metrics, I benchmarked success by way of keeping the daily commitments I made to myself (executing the workouts, recovery and proper fueling), and acquiring notable personal growth takeaways.⠀

Here are a few:⠀

✅ Everything that makes me feel good is not cancelled. ⠀

✅ I can and will do things today that feel hard now but will pay dividends later.⠀

✅ A surgical level of precision isn’t required, and the ability to ‘do life’ within the framework of a challenge requires practice.⠀

If you’re someone who feels like you didn’t achieve what you set out for, I’d suggest you pause, reflect and recalibrate. Maybe shift your focus and ask yourself, what prevented you from hitting your goal? What did you learn from this experience? ⠀

Name it then tame it. ⠀

Goal setting is a skill and if you want to get better at it, I highly recommend listing to the podcast I shared in the slides from @biceps.after.babies

And by the way...remember when you wanted what you currently have? The ghost of your former self is standing up and applauding you right now. Don’t you dare walk away without giving her a high five. ⠀

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