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The Beauty in Imperfection

Last couple days in stories, my imperfections were coming in HOT. Oh you swiped through? Good on ya. Here’s what went down:⠀ ✅Lacking sleep⠀ ✅Skipping HIIT⠀ ✅Winging a recipe and burning the finished product ⠀ But guess what - I asked for help and had an early night. I got a great workout in regardless. We all ate dinner as a family and nobody went hungry.⠀ And what’s more?⠀ ✅Fun family memories were made when we all laughed at my casserole calamity ⠀ ✅Extra protein leftover, plus a veggie-packed lunch already logged in MFP for the next few days ✅Feeling strong and excited for tomorrow’s full body session⠀ So at the end of the day, while yesterday’s dinner wasn’t pretty, it was DONE, and will pay me dividends in the coming days. I certainly don’t regret making it, just like I never regret a workout, or anything I do to recover or support my future self. ⠀ Maybe instead of catastrophizing our basic human errors, we should be celebrating when we make successful pivots 💫 And what a crucial contributor that skill set is to our success!⠀ Plus...turns out the crispy pieces are my favorite 👌🖤⠀ Anyone else feeling the wheels come off as we crash into Friday?! ☄️😂⠀

September 6, 2019

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