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Tales from Week 4 Quarantine!

Hey! It’s peel back the curtain time here at my house - grab your popcorn but don’t ruin your day like I did 👍 ⠀

In the span of 6 minutes we went from la

ughter, to shrieking to inconsolable crying...then consuming a sleeve of Oreo cookies.⠀

How is your day going?⠀

After pulling out the tea party cups (that to be clear, are for toddlers and hold about a shot glass worth of ‘tea’ each), assembling some assorted snacks and pleading with the girls to give me 20 QUIET MINUTES, I have officially given up on any further accomplishments for the day.⠀

Hello 3:30pm, the new happy hour at The Crokus Home for the Gifted (i.e. the okayest, moderately-functioning family in town). ⠀

Today it looked like this: ⠀

Bottomless (1 oz) drinks and snacks - check⠀

Zombies 2 soundtrack pumping - check⠀

Three girls all in synch - check⠀


Until one disturbingly loose tooth dared to creep its way out of my 6 year old’s mouth before she was ready (imploding the plan for the Easter bunny and tooth fairy to combine forces on Saturday night).⠀

When I heard the screams I was pretty sure someone had lost a limb. If you ask Elle, she may has well have.⠀

About 30 minutes of consoling and ‘teaching’ how we really have no problem eating without our front teeth (this demonstration came at the cost of a sleeve of Oreos), the girls have reset their moods and I have recalibrated MyFitnessPal.⠀

So no@lilys_sweetschocolate for me tonight. Ah well. Now I know that SIX Oreos = one bar of chocolate. ⠀

Which is honestly just as disturbing as that precariously loose tooth that just trashed my FUN macros for the day. Good riddance to both 😂.⠀

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