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Stepping on the Scale....know the facts!

There is a range of opinions and emotions on this subject. If this is triggering to you, please scroll on by and carry on with what works best for YOU. This post is NOT meant to ignite a firestorm, but rather unveil some truths I’ve learned in my experience targeting fat loss.⠀

First, tracking body weight is not for everyone - and it doesn’t have to be! You can achieve most goals without benchmarking the scale. Other fantastic metrics include measurements, progress pics, biofeedback (arguably the most important because ultimately, all that matters is how you FEEL)⠀

In fact I would argue that in the moment, the number that reflects back at you, it is entirely meaningless.⠀

So why do I it? I have two main reasons:⠀

1️⃣ Mindset+disconnecting any misguided power- assessing the data without emotion unmasks this villainized tool, allowing it to become entirely neutral and incredibly useful⠀

2️⃣ Data-you can’t change what you can’t track and I am a macro coach. It would be a huge disservice not to collect all the info I can to best understand how an individual’s unique patters affect a goal⠀

Neutrality is critical. You wouldn't let your mailbox shame you if it didn’t contain an ego boosting item every day right? Of course not. ⠀

When used properly and with the right mindset, weighing yourself on a consistent basis is a generally an honest measure of fat loss because it provides a very accurate reflection of progress over time, rather than a snapshot in a moment, taken out of full context.⠀

We all know how the scale fluctuates - in what often seems like a wildly unpredictable way. But what if we got to understand our rhythms, know what to expect? Even more, what NOT to expect (character affirmation or the ethics of our actions).⠀

The graphic illustrates a cycle that often happens when weighing in only when you feel like it:⠀



Takeaway: Crap; I’m up a pound and a half. WTF. It’s Friday, I’ll start over Monday⠀

In reality, over the course of the week, average weight has ⬇️ by 1.7lbs but you have no idea because you didn’t track it.⠀

Stay tuned, next I’ll share what you MUST understand before stepping on the scale❗️

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