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Sharing some sleep tips!

Finding Sleep⁠

Arguably the most essential yet elusive piece of the wellness puzzle in my experience. ⁠

When lifestyle shifts like cutting caffeine, fine tuning an evening routine and blocking blue light weren’t enough to keep me sleeping through the night, I explored some further tactics. ⁠

Here are the three things I have used to optimize my sleep as best I can - outside of supplements.⁠

@brainfmapp music app - is a science-first company that works with experts in the field of neuroscience and psychology to create music designed to achieve desired mental states such as focus or sleep. I have been letting the deep sleep tracks play all night long and I genuinely believe it has kept me from waking.⁠

@insighttimer app - and if I do? I go into this app and find a sleep or other relevant meditation. Most recently, I’ve been waking around 4am but don’t yet want to rise, so I will put on a morning mediation and it will help me get another hour or so in.⁠

@ouraring - I am all about the data and this device tracks all of it. Now that I’ve been using it several months I have a baseline established to analyze things well beyond sleep quality, like resting heart rate, heart rate variability and other contributors to my sleep quality and readiness for the day. ⁠

In addition to the above I also do take 1mg melatonin + 200mg ashwagandha prior to crawling into bed. ⁠

Recent research suggests most adults need far less than traditional dosing suggests. If you’re looking for a recommendation, PEScience just launched REM-3 which I love because the makeup of ingredients is abundantly clear (stay away from proprietary blends) and includes only the essentials for great sleep without a groggy morning...and is SUPER affordable (Code: Katie)⁠

If you try any of these please let me know! I hope if you are struggling, one or more of these ideas can help you!⁠

What tips can you share? Or please leave any questions in the comments!

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