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Rent is Due Daily in The House of Hustle

👉‘Rent is due daily in the house of hustle’ 👈

Wise words from the brilliant @robinnyc

In applying this, I like to ensure I am pouring into the channels that align with my current set of goals. ‘Hustle’ doesn’t alway mean sweat for me. I came across my benchmark measurements from Peak Performance Week at Orangetheory back in June of 2016. Six months later when this challenge surfaced again, it occurred to me that I wanted to beat all those time, but I didn’t have a WHY. It would take me another solid year before I could figure that out. So I continued with the intense group fitness workouts because they did fill me up - with laughter and friendships and motivation to get out the door in the mornings, and just do the damn thing. It was right for me until I reached a tipping point where inflammation, mishandled hunger and depletion overshadowed the benefits of my community. I had to redefine my goals. Turns out, they were a lot less performance based than I thought:

🖤I wanted to feel strong AND look strong, while working toward a lean physique 🖤I wanted to find balance in my diet 🖤I wanted to do a pull up So I began to optimize my environment to support those goals (as I outlined in a former post) Today, as I consider the next period of my training, I know that I’ve lost some muscle as I’ve incorporated more explosive movements into my routine the past 6 months. It’s caused my weight to drop slightly, and I’m not able to lift as much as I once could. So after September, I’ll bump myself into a small caloric surplus and build some muscle the last 3 months of the year.

New goals: 🖤 Deadlift twice my body weight

🖤 Complete 10 toes-to-bar in a row 🖤 Achieve an unweighted pistol squat on both legs I know I can’t do any of those things without more food and a little less circuit training. Periodizing my nutrition and training is a crucial element to success!

Whatever your unique goals are, don’t stop until you're proud. Whether your accountability comes from disseminating an instagram post for immediate release or quietly crushing your goals to let the results speak for themselves, pay your rent to the house of hustle

August 22, 2019

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