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Regain Your Power

A little secret: when fear of failure creeps in, I always remind myself of this: by not even trying, I’ve instantly created the reality that I’m scared of 🤯.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or scared about next steps on your journey, know this:⁠

Sustainable results will not come packaged in a box full of rules or a program with unforgiving language like ‘start over’ if you don’t execute perfectly. And anyone who tells you this is trying to SELL YOU SOMETHING.

If you’re following people who are helping you change your physical appearance, but your end result includes a disordered relationship with food and your body, then they are doing you a major disservice.

But that is nothing compared to how you are abandoning yourself.

Often we glamorize fat loss at the expense of mental health and well being. We think because a little of something works, more will be better. It becomes a game of spoons and with each tool learned, you grab faster and harder.

But when has ‘doing more’ ever gotten you to a happy, sustainable, fulfilled place?⁠

Tell me. I’ll wait. ⁠

What would it feel like to DO LESS, in ways that suited YOUR goals, and actually BE more of your authentic, healthy, happy self?

Having a plan that is not only effective, but *GASP* enjoyable should be the expectation, not the dream. And not so scary.

The start of a new habit should take you TWO MINUTES per day (I didn't make this up, just ask James Clear).

This work will help you regain your power. It may even help you realize power you didn’t know you had!

Have a fantastic week my friends!

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