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Do you ever think about what you wish you knew before you started something? ⠀ Not the shortcuts, but the gritty, honest, cut-the-bullshit truths of wisdom that can really only be discovered through experience.⠀ Reflecting on that this morning, and here are a few of mine:⠀ ✨Counting macros is just a tool for weight loss. It’s not the only way or even a better way. The best way to drop fat is do whatever makes is easiest to sustain a calorie deficit. Prioritize protein and strength training, and you’ve just given yourself a huge advantage.⠀ ✨It’s not about the strategy you employ, but how you show up in that strategy. And if you are genuinely putting in the work and not seeing results, it’s time to change something or ask for help.⠀ ✨What got you here wont get you there. Losing fat is like creeping down a funnel, and it gets damn HARD as you have less to lose. This is when you have decide for yourself, what are those last few pounds worth? Don’t look to your family or instagram feed for the answer. ⠀ ✨The motivation to DO that hard thing? You are not entitled to it. It’s not a vitamin. You earn it through action. Miss once? Blip on the radar. Miss twice? It’s the beginning of a new habit forming. ⠀ ✨Find a tribe that not only supports you but challenges you to rise. If you’re the smartest, fittest, most educated person in the room, you are in the wrong room.⠀ ✨Welcome the discomfort. That is change. With it comes power. Pride joins in. Confidence soars and pretty soon you know you are exactly where you need to be. ⠀ ✨Mindset work was the most underrated but influential contributor to achieving my results. YES, working hard is required. Of course consistency is non-negotiable. But being ok with who you are as you immerse yourself in the process means that when you get to the other side, there will not only be an achievement you’re proud of, but a person too.⠀ Happy Friday - I’d love to know, which of these do you align with most? Or something different all together? Please share! 🙏⠀

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