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Pure Fin CBDa

Until 2021 I didn’t even realize I was addicted to multitasking and was actually perpetuating elements of chaos to keep me distracted from periods of downtime.⁠

Going into a productivity detox has been hard for me; just taking a 10 day vacation or a couple rest days wasn’t enough. I needed to develop self-care habits and this #giveaway represents my favorite one - probably because it bridges beautifully between stress relief and focus. ⁠

After months of personal and anecdotal experience from many of you, I’ve come to this very non-scientific conclusion: ⁠

If you’ve tried CBD before and had poor or neutral results, it is for one of two reasons:⁠

1️⃣ Your dosing / timing is off⁠

2️⃣ Your product quality is off⁠

I am so enthusiastic about the paradigm-shifting experience I have had, that I asked to do a giveaway with Pure Fin ➡️ the small-but-mighty brand producing the best of its kind (according to me) on the market.⁠

Here is what makes PureFin CBDa oil so special:⁠

*️⃣ CBDa is less processed and closer to the natural plant state than traditional CBD⁠

*️⃣ Increased potency which for me, elicits results (like neutrality, calm, focus) in about 5 minutes⁠

*️⃣ Infused with quality-sourced organic fish oil, so I have one less supplement to remember⁠

I am an #affiliate and I do receive a commission if you chose to order using my code ‘Katie’. I appreciate the support always, but FAR more important is sharing tools that really help me. Some other no-cost options are taking 3 minutes to focus on your breath a few times a day, meditations on insight timer and relax sounds on⁠

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