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Patience? Or 'Stuckness?'

Eerily similar, are they not?⁠

Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate something without getting angry or upset; and it absolutely pays off when you are taking action that aligns with your goals.⁠

Insanity on the other hand, is famously defined as repeating the same action over an over again, and expecting a new result.⁠

How do you know when well-executed patience slips into the insanity zone?⁠

You know I have thoughts for you 😆 ⁠

To me, the primary difference between the two has to do with none other than the most debilitating emotion when it comes to growth, and that is fear.⁠

With patience; you welcome fear to your table and do it anyway. You quiet the narrative that doesn’t serve you. You are firm in your actions and flexible in your timeline. You seek out and embrace wins, no matter how small. ⁠

With insanity; it is the fear that holds you back from seeing results because you become IN-flexible about changing your actions. You find security in routine, even when it produces nothing. It feels safe to know what is coming next, because at least it is predictable. ⁠

If you’re feeling stalled in growth and you’re not sure in which camp you reside, reread the above in consideration of your goals. ⁠

Which one sounds more like you?⁠

Does something need to be adjusted in order to right-set you on your way?⁠

You always have two options:⁠

1. Continued pursuit of your goal, as your efforts are actually still paving the way brick by brick (#patience), or… ⁠

2. Have you reached a place where it’s time to reevaluate those actions because #groundhogday

I like to reflect on these questions in my meditation practice from time to time. Usually thoughts and feelings surface, that would have never been revealed to me from a pragmatic approach.⁠

So yeah - I love data…but sometimes I need to step away from my masculine, problem solving energy, sink into my body and see what comes up.⁠

Because all that *thinking* was driving me insane 😉 ⁠

Where are you on the scale of Patience-to-Insanity? I’d love to talk about it!⁠

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