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On the other side of every action, there lies our innate ability to create a habit.

We talk a lot about creating good habits, but what happens when you enter a season of life that lends itself to building some detrimental ones?⠀

I get it. ⠀

It’s hard to get motivated for a solo home workout.⠀

It’s easy to eat candy when there is an excess of it in your home after a holiday.⠀

Skipping a walk when the wind is blowing at 40 knots seems like the right choice.⠀

Everyone is having zoom happy hours half a dozen days a week; we’re stressed and disconnected, so why not?⠀

At times like this I like to remind myself that as humans, we are wired to find a way or find an excuse.⠀

Today I very badly wanted to stop my workout before it was over. So I took a break, reconciled where I was, and made my next move - finishing the workout.⠀

Choosing to end the workout would have been letting an impulse eclipse my good judgement. I gave myself the grace to take a couple minutes and figure that out.⠀

I didn’t NEED to stop. I wanted to stop.⠀

Massive difference.⠀

Does this mean that you need to fire on all cylinders every moment of the day? ⠀

GOSH no.⠀

But I do know my energy for impulse control is strongest in the morning, so I engineer my day to front-load my biggest responsibilities and highest priorities.⠀

Things I don’t save for the end of the day:⠀

- Meal prep⠀

- Training⠀

- Work tasks⠀

- Vegetables ⠀

Things I do enjoy after dinner when decision fatigue at its highest⠀

- Pre-logging in MyFitnessPal - this is very grounding for me⠀

- Chocolate⠀

- Reading⠀

- Watching a movie with the family⠀

I like having the things I enjoy most at the end of the day, so there is always something to look forward to, always something keeping me aligned in my focus for the day.⠀

On the other side of every decision we make, lies our innate ability to form a habit. ⠀

So lets empower that good judgement, look inward to our WHYs and take ownership of the fact that habits do not form themselves!⠀

NOW - will I or will I not fall down the stairs later today after my ‘good judgement’ told me to finish@madeline_movesleg day 😂

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