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MY definition of health is...

As a follow up to the SHREDS post I shared, I wanted to share a little more background about what initiated my deep dive into monitoring these metrics for myself. And ultimately shifting my priorities from macro-targeted nutrition and training, to stress management health.⠀

Two months into the onset of COVID lockdowns, I had a dexa scan, as I do quarterly. Overall metrics were consistent and reflective of my training and nutrition habits at maintenance, where I have been for about two years time.⠀

However, around the time of lockdown, I began to feel subtly different. I assumed it was what everyone on the planet was feeling at this time. A little more fatigue, less strength and interrupted sleep.⠀

I was still eating, training, working and living the same. Aside from the inevitable unrest that set in surrounding monotony of round-the-clock, at-home living, I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have a monumental life shift.⠀

But it wasn’t the same. Even though I wrote, spoke and shared about the stress of this global pandemic, I had yet to really acknowledge and offset how it was affecting me. ⠀

Shortly thereafter, the #blm movement boiled over and I was profoundly changed. ⠀

I also launched some new business ventures and partnerships in this time. If you know me, you know I go all in with my heart and soul, giving nothing less than everything I have when I commit to something. ⠀

Everything came to a head last month, after battling weeks of insomnia, intolerance to cold, digestive distress and crippling fatigue. ⠀

I had another dexa scan and ran a metabolic and hormonal panel of my bloodwork. ⠀

Swipe to what I saw found.⠀

Since I know rest and recovery are just as difficult for so many of you as they are for me, I’ll be sharing practices in my next post!⠀

In the meantime, please share with me...does any of this exist for you? If so, I hope you acknowledge it and come up with a plan to wage your own whole-health overhaul. ⠀

There has NEVER been a more relevant time to redefine what health really means to ME: 👉it’s the ability to adapt and thrive in my environment. ⠀

Without this, what’s left is the opposite of strength. It’s fragility 🖤

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