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Leveling My Non-Negotiables

My current set of non-negotiables - I have been consciously weaving these into my days for a year.⠀

The first tier - level 1 - are things I will try to do ASAP in my day, but short of illness or emergency, I will not sleep until they are completed.⠀

🎯Drink 100 oz water⠀

🎯Get 10-12k steps⠀

🎯Consume 100g protein⠀

Vacations, kids sickness, bad moods, visitors in town do not trump this list. These are my foundational non-negotiables that I am 100% in control of, so there is no reason not to check the boxes.⠀

This next tier - level 2 - are the those that were once actions that challenged me, but over time have evolved into habits; I don’t always want to do them, but I know they are good for me and make me feel great, so I do them anyway. (Categorized now with things like brushing my teeth or cleaning the kitchen) ⠀

🔑 Training - 5-6 days a week - this gets cut if my stress is too high or I don’t get adequate sleep⠀

🔑 Hitting my macro + fiber targets - currently I have a goal, so I track these, but I won’t always have this at ‘level 2’⠀

There are exceptions which is why I generally like the motto - be 90%, 100% of the time - in regards to training and nutrition. These are the ‘secret sauce’ or high performance habits of mine, that set the wheels in motion for a great day.⠀

Finally, Level 3. These are the fun ones. Those that contribute to both my lifestyle AND make me truly happy in the moment: ⠀

😍 Quiet morning ritual of coffee +#zpobefore anything⠀

😍 Meal prep to some degree⠀

😍 Education - reading and writing about subjects that fascinate me ⠀

Some things I would like to add:⠀

🙏 Gratitude journal⠀

🌿 Meditation⠀

📚 More offline reading⠀

Why do I have all these daily ‘tasks?’⠀

I love them. They make me feel good. Give me structure. They are like dominoes in a row and guarantee a cascade of good things in my day when I prioritize them.⠀

I’ll always make time for my family. I don’t need them on ‘the list.’ But I am still at a point where I need ME on the list in order to not only achieve my goals, but shoot to become the best version of myself. Which incidentally, makes everyone happier (just ask my husband 🤣). ⠀

What are yours?

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