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Let's Normalize Recovery

I overheard someone say you cannot heal in the same environment that made you ‘sick’ (replace this with what is relevant to you, maybe fatigued, anguished, etc.), and I think that’s the best advice I’ve heard in awhile. ⠀

I KNOW it’s not sexy or highly ‘clickable’ on social, but let’s normalize EVERY phase. ⠀

Let’s talk and share and celebrate experiences every step of the way.⠀

Not just the ‘grind’ or the ‘glory’ which are easy and fun to share.⠀

I am beginning to realize that the seasons of stillness are like the ‘crumb coat’ on a cake - not there for the aesthetic in the moment, but essential for the stunning end result.⠀

Learning to love the process is something I preach. ⠀

I got really good at finding ways to take the edge off a deficit or stay really focused in a hard training phase.⠀

But what about the challenge of watching the physical transformation of hard work fade away in the pursuit of a new goal? How do I love that process?⠀

First, accept the need for phasing our goals. Call it a non-negotiable and show up just like you would for anything else that’s important. Because without periodization, nothing is achievable or sustainable.⠀

Next, focus less on what is being lost and more on what is now available to you!⠀

Repping out 10 chin ups or 30 push ups didn’t happen for me in my training yesterday. ⠀

But you know what did happen? ⠀

I spent hours in a space lit only by the fireplace and tree lights.⠀

I snuggled with my version of a 65lb weighted blanket.⠀

I wrote about the future and what I want to do in 2021.⠀

I moved my body, but not in a way that impacted my heart rate variability with any significance. ⠀

I slept 8 hours uninterrupted, which is becoming the norm - something I NEVER thought I could do, and always blamed it on my bladder. Turns out high cortisol was the culprit.⠀

This phase is challenging me to do AND not do things completely outside my comfort zone. ⠀

Just like everything that’s hard before it’s easy, downshifting felt really uncomfortable at first. ⠀

But every season has a purpose and this one is my delicious crumb coat.⠀

How does this resonate with you? Let’s play a game, share w/an emoji👇!

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Katie Crokus
Katie Crokus
Nov 29, 2020

I’ll skip the wine but I will stay awhile :)


Mary Varese
Mary Varese
Nov 29, 2020

So happy you’re in this place... welcome— stay awhile🙋🏻‍♀️


Mary Varese
Mary Varese
Nov 29, 2020


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