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Keystone Habits

If you haven’t read Atomic Habits by @JamesClear I must insist you add it immediately to your reading list. Or at least get on his email list, which propels you to good choices on the weekly. ⠀ One of my favorite takeaways is his idea of ‘keystone habits,’ which are the unsung heroes of the days in which everything just.goes.right. ⠀ Earlier last week I didn’t have it together. I woke up late after a bad night’s sleep. My morning routine was off so I had to push my workout to midday, which had me really dreading it. I was buried under a mountain of self-induced work that I didn't tackle over the weekend. And at bedtime I realized we had three rooms worth of sheets to change after some poorly concealed messes were revealed (#ihateyouslime)⠀ Starting my day with movement is a catalyst for me. It sets the tone and leads to better choices in other areas of my life too. ⠀ When I decide to work out, here’s the cascade: I wake up earlier. I keep my phone on ‘do not disturb,’ I move my body, which always feels good. And I come home hungry for a healthy breakfast. (Hello #zpo)⠀ THAT’S a keystone habit.⠀ What happens if I skip the gym on a non-rest day? I sleep in. I wake up and immediately jump on my phone. I miss moving. I miss my chance to get a jump on the day. I’m more likely to crave something crappy, because what the hell, today’s already an off day. My whole morning feels stressful, sluggish, and anxious. All because I chose not to exercise. ⠀ I guarantee you have something in your life that sets you up for success and positively spills over into the rest of your day. ⠀ Recognize it. ⠀ Guard it fiercely.⠀ I’m not saying the slime crime wouldn’t have happened if I had gotten up to workout. But I do need the deck stacked in my favor at times like this. ⠀ So if there is going to be a cascade of something rippling around me, I’d prefer to be the sea of productivity activated by a Keystone Habit, and not the product of a pre-teen meth lab activated by baking soda (shoutout to moms of grade school kids - I know you hear me!)⠀ ⠀ Please share👇I’d love to know one Keystone Habit you’re working to cement in your routine! ⠀

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