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Just NO

When this picture came up from 5 years ago I laughed out loud! ⠀

Raise your hand if the sight of toddler Elle eating plain lettuce, pretending to smile but actually gagging, is about the most perfect representation of what might be going on since you ‘got on the wagon’ Jan 1 🤣⠀

It genuinely pains me to think people actually believe this is how you need to eat in order to lose weight. Let me assure you from my own experience and that of MANY others...not only is that wildly inaccurate, but I would argue 100% that it will also cause you to misfire on your goals.⠀

If you’re newer around here and just thought I talked about my gut and my pets {WELCOME 😍), well...⠀

I actually began recipe creating a long time ago, but didn’t begin sharing in a meaningful way until early last year. Maybe a recipe or two in my feed has caught your eye, but I actually have a couple digital recipe books available as well!

I love food way too much to eat anything that isn’t delicious, no matter what season of health I am in. And finding ways to make whole, nutritious ingredients come together in an easy and family-friendly way, took my fitness goals from white-knuckling a 30 day challenge to long-term sustainable. #3yearsinmaintenance

You can always find my books on my Shopify page via the link in my bio. ⠀

OR if you think you might be joining @biceps.after.babies Macros 101 (enrollment through Feb 4th) with me (link also in bio:, I’ll be sharing an exclusive gift with you which will include some unpublished recipes - so maybe hold on any purchases 😉⠀

In the meantime, all of those who sign up for the 5 day challenge via that same link above will be entered to win a $50 @pescience gift card. I’ll pick 4 winners on Monday!⠀

Has anyone been around here long enough to remember the first one I posted? Drop your guess below! I’ll pick a winner to also receive $50 PEScience gift card!⠀

Thanks for tagging me in your creations! Seeing them is the highlight of my WEEK! ❤️❤️❤️

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