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Is protein something you need help with? I have TONS of recipes that make it easy to hit!

I’ve never been quiet about not having a problem hitting my protein, but I understand many do face this challenge. Especially those new to macros. ⠀

I got you, friends. ⠀

Swipe to see a day I would build into MyFitnessPal targeting protein first, with intended room to add additional fat and carbs, either in the form of a dinner out or a more traditional dessert at the end of the day. Currently thinking ice cream with the family...⠀

Protein Target: 140 g⠀



Breakfast: Zucchini Pumpkin Oat Bar + Cocoa Bar in a Jar - 25 g⠀


Snack: @g2gbar bar - 18 g⠀


Lunch: hot/cold salad with chicken and broccoli casserole leftovers - 36 g⠀


Snack: Yogurt bowl with 1 cup 0% Greek Yogurt - 25 g⠀


Dinner: 2 @cutdacarb crunchwraps with 150 g egg whites+refrained beans - 38 g⠀



MACRO TOTALS: 142P/174C/35F 1579 calories⠀

As you can see the fats are very low but that is intentional and a way I like to eat during the day. You’ll see they are spread out across my day for adequate absorption. But I prefer to enjoy most after dinner, so that is how I work it.⠀

Macro counting is ALL ABOUT what works best for YOU. And just because this is my preferred way, doesn’t mean you should adopt it. ⠀

On a typical day like this I would enjoy either air popped popcorn with butter or a Lily’s chocolate bar before the day ends.⠀

This plan is considered a protein baseline - meaning I’d add fats and carbs as needed/enjoyed. For instance more toppings on my yogurt bowl and hot/cold salad and a side of sweet potatoes at dinner. I am currently in maintenance and need those additional macros!⠀

Chose your own adventure to fill in the gaps! This is the fun part.⠀

Switch out the higher fat components (G2G bar) or add more carb sources (like rice to your salad) if you need to adjust for something.⠀

Is protein something you need help with? I have TONS of recipes that make it easy to hit! ⠀

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