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In Honor of Red & Kenna on International Dog Day

In honor of Redstone on International Dog Day, I had to share a few of my favorite things about him, and ALL dogs who grace us with their purity and love!⁠

1. Going to the bathroom alone is overrated and actually, not even entirely necessary.⁠

2. Shake it off. But if someone spills soup on you, don’t apologize for it.

3. Persistence pays off. There is a slimy ball in my lap at all times to prove it.⁠

4. Hunger is not an emergency…until we are approaching the 6pm hour. Then maybe it is.⁠

5. Forgiveness is key. Grateful for this those times I shut his tail in the car door or gave him leftover Mexican food.⁠

6. When I am in doubt, be the person Red thinks I am…coincidentally that is also the person I want most to be.⁠

7. Some days are meant for hustling. Others are meant to be long and lazy. ⁠

8. Find joy in the simple things; a toasty fireplace, a sunny spot in the breeze, a nap.⁠

9. Live in the moment - don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow⁠

10. Whatever the question, love is always the answer.⁠

We’ve had so many wonderful pets come and go in our lives - far more that IG will allow me to capture in 10 slides.

Have you had a best friend like Redstone who qualifies as a full-fledged family member?⁠ What would you add to this list?

I know there are SO many dog lovers in this community! Please, for the love of dogs, share something about yours!!

Thank you to all our sweet, cuddly loves who make our days brighter and better even in the hardest of times.

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