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I forgot how to...have fun?

Have you ever had a trip of a lifetime or experience before you, and been so wracked with nerves about how you will navigate it that you can’t even enjoy it?

What about another extreme - like constantly deferring efforts to make changes in your habits - due to vacations, weddings, a full calendar?

Whether you flirt with orthorexia or complete lack of structure, both are unique prisons you have built for yourself.

Rest assured, there are ways to find your way back to the middle.

1️⃣ Thoughtwork: Remember you didn’t get to where you are because of 2 weeks of consistency. It takes months and months of repetitive action to elicit an adaptation - EITHER WAY.

2️⃣ Flexibility: If your version of every day life is in any way restrictive (outside of short term efforts), expect to feel out of control when your environment shifts. This is why I never suggest dieting into a vacation.

3️⃣ Stress Management: There is a cost to being very lean that most women don’t consider; your threshold for stress in generally is much lower and if experiences outside of your routine are causing you stress, how much of your life are you willing to sacrifice for this personal endeavor?

4️⃣ Nourishment: Ensure your diet (meaning what you eat) includes nourishing foods you ENJOY. There are ways to incorporate lean proteins and micronutrient dense foods into hugely satisfying meals - seek them out.

5️⃣ Satisfaction: Plan for some sort of indulgence every day. Heck, every meal is a great place to start of the thought of vegetables at breakfast makes you nauseous. Have you seen my highlight #thecandychallenge?

FINALLY, try to ruminate on this: usually the action that is MOST beneficial to you is the one you have not done for a while. So if you have been in a season of pushing, pursuing, working without rest (or this is every day LIFE for you), know that any respite you take will actually get you closer to, not further from your goals.

What you resist persists. When you architect your everyday life to be inclusive and abundance minded, it is jaw-droppingly easy to not only enjoy spontaneity, but seamlessly weave it into your world.

Which one of the 5 tips above resonates most with you?

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