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How I am keeping my meals simple these days

One of the ways I am easing stress and supporting gut health is keeping my meals as simple as possible.⠀

To me that means: ⠀

✅Choosing minimally processed foods ⠀

✅Combining single macronutrient ingredients to build a meal rather than a one-pot dish or meal prepared outside my kitchen that is less customizable⠀

✅Ensuring a balance of carbs, healthy fat and protein at each meal⠀

✅Double checking my definition of ‘healthy foods’ - we can all agree vegetables are considered ‘healthy,’ but if one of them tears up your digestive tract, then it is fair to at least temporarily cross that one of your list.⠀

I’ve also been working to make my meals bigger and consume fewer of them throughout the day, so my body has a longer window to rest and digest.⠀

I love this simple version of my beloved hot/cold salad. Some days the carb is delicata squash and the protein + fat is chicken and avocado. What see pictured has these macros: 415 calories/31P/43C/13F⠀

One thing that never changes my greens base. Some days I lean toward kale or arugula and others it’s spinach. If I am not feeling the ‘cold’ part of this meal, I’ll simply replace the greens with some sautéed zucchini.⠀

I try to keep food quality in mind. We are fortunate to have harvested garden vegetables, chickens who provide us with eggs and our meat available to us via @butcher_box (which is a subscription service where you can choose your quality protein and have it delivered at your convenience).⠀

More accessible alternatives could be exploring Aldi or Wal-Mart’s vast organic sections and checking out your local farmers market and enjoying what is in season!⠀

When it comes down to making small changes that can lead to big results, simplifying meals (and my life), affects my overall health immensely!⠀

As far as prep goes, this week is no different than any other; I have all my individual ingredients cooked and chopped, but instead of putting them into a casserole, I’m simply pulling them out individually and building my plate each meal.⠀

Pumpkin Oat bars have moved to my end of night snack because the shake was too cold - swipe for more!⠀

I love this switch to fewer, bigger meals. Have you tried it❓

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