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How Do I Even Start?

But how do I even start?

Yeah that’s the million dollar question. And the not-so-exciting answer? Exactly where you are. You just do it. What I mean by that is, all you have to do today, is be 1% better. That’s all. As long as you are CONSISTENTLY keeping up with your 1%, whatever that may be, you will see progress. And here’s the other not-so-exciting truth: it takes time. And not like a 30 day habit reset or a 7 day detox. (Just NO on those; a post for another day) There are 3 YEARS between these two pictures. Here are a few examples of 1% actions I have built upon over time and adhere to:

✅ 10-12k steps everyday, no excuses ✅ 30g Fiber - shoot for 10-15 grams per 1000 calories of consumption (it is SO much easier to feel full and not ‘snacky’ when you hit this number!) ✅ Schedule and RESPECT your commitment to training every week - consider a workout your new boss, only instead of 40 hours+/week, you only need to carve out 3-4 sessions per week! Pick a time when you can truly make a non-negotiable commitment ✅ Go to bed. No really. Shut it down by 10pm every night - and that’s only if you're able to sleep until 6. I haves no shame in my 9pm (er...8:45) game. Imagine your sleep like the sun - everything revolves around it ✅ Drink your weight in ounces of water - add lemon, make it sparkling, drink it room temperature, get a straw or a big, fancy mug, but just do it

✅ Meal prep 1-2 items this week:

*Overnight oats for breakfast every day *A protein source like ground turkey or shredded chicken *A carb source like sweet potatoes, rice or roasted veggies

✅ Work in a treat or something you love to eat every day The hardest part? Not tackling everything all at once. Hold your fire and work in 1-2 sustainable actions into your routine each week or month until you feel like you’ve mastered the habit...then one day, when you wake up and don’t “feel like it” it won’t matter because you no longer have to think about it

✨It’s a habit ✨

Magical right?

⭐️What’s one positive action you need help turning into a habit? ⭐️

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