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Holiday Intentions

I have a question.⠀ Take a moment and think about this; really give it the consideration it deserves, because I think your answer can spark a powerful shift in your approach to the holidays. ⠀ Imagine yourself when the day is over, after you’ve said your goodbyes, as you’re crawling into bed for night...⠀ ✨How do you want to feel in that moment?✨⠀ Like you connected with people, prioritizing nothing other than living in the moment? Like you were entirely in control by hitting your macros dead on? Or perhaps doing so by building in a planned surplus? Something entirely different?⠀ This answer is YOUR personal definition of success. It should change a bit with every event, but no one should set it for you. ⠀ It really is that simple. ⠀ There are no right or wrong answers. And once you‘ve put your stake in the ground, you can begin to reverse engineer exactly how to get there. ⠀ It’s time to get really clear on what your intention is for your experience. Then make sure to have a strategy in place, which puts you in control and sets you up to win...or at minimum learn 😉 ⠀ Remember:⠀ 🖤You are not the victim of your circumstances⠀ 🖤Every single special event does not have to be all or nothing⠀ 🖤Get crystal clear on what will make the experience what YOU want it to be ⠀ Now imagine yourself waking up the next morning, basking in that feeling of pride having kept that promise to yourself.⠀ This thought-work is an absolute game changer when it comes to building confidence and habits that foster sustainability. ⠀ If we’re lucky, we get many of these experiences in our lifetime, so practicing ways to embrace them WHILE meeting health goals, lets you have memories AND macros! ⠀ Think of it as working ‘flexible celebrating’ to your ‘flexible dieting.’ It’s no different and should be part of the lifestyle!⠀ Actively step away from the ‘all or nothing’ mindset here and you’ll go from ‘surviving the holidays’ to weaving them into the fabric of your life. ⠀ Ask yourself the question, and see what it stirs up in you.⠀ What are your intentions for the next holiday?

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