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Getting Out (part 3)

Part 3:

The million dollar question that has yet to be answered: ⁠

How did I get here? I wish I knew, but it is likely a combination of a tangled belief system, the continued isolation of our current environment (with a splash of seasonal depression for good measure) and most recently...some broad food restriction in an effort to heal my gut. ⁠

After I hit rock bottom two nights ago, I journaled, and with that, thoughts that would concern anybody surfaced. But along with the acknowledgement of them, also came the release.⁠

With this practice 👉I was able to be rational and make some decisions.⁠

In order to overcome the feelings of shame/guilt/overwhelm/confusion, I decided to name all the actionable AND achievable steps am in 100% control of, and could immediately implement to see myself out of that space. ⁠

For my mind:⁠

🏔️BELIEVE I will succeed⁠

💝Forgive myself⁠

🙏Practice gratitude⁠

For my body:⁠

💧Drink 125 oz water⁠

🤸‍♀️Workout in a way that feels good⁠

🥗Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks⁠

I committed to completing 5/6 of these actions daily for the next 7 days. After that I will reflect (like a scientist) on how things are going. Maybe I’ll recalibrate or maybe I will extend my timeline to a month if it’s going well.⁠

I was in a dark place no doubt. But it wasn’t despair for more than a couple hours. A decade ago it might have been but not today.⁠

What’s different? I have tools now. ⁠

Critical point: That doesn’t mean I always reach for the right one and ‘win the day.’ I am human. Even when I know better I don’t always do better. ⁠

But what I have learned and continue to acquire in experience, allows me to systematically dismantle the process that is hurting me, and reset.⁠

It doesn’t get easier but I do get better.⁠

Here’s the thing. We all have our shit. Everyone spirals and even though we have different triggers, we can all agree that finding yourself at rock bottom absolutely sucks. ⁠

Understanding HOW to determine the next right step is a critical life skill. One I’ll never take for granted.⁠

Tell me, does any of this process sound familiar? To many of you, it will. ⁠

If there are ❓, I’ll talk more in stories today! 👇💚

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