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FDOE - Full Day Of Eating

Here’s a peek at my full day of eating from Saturday!

This was busy day and we went out for an early dinner. I didn’t plan for it, but I also didn’t worry when we decided to go. I had been recipe testing and staying busy, so I thought I would take a re-feed day (typically high carb) and go for the tortillas at dinner. But based on how the restaurant meal shook out and filled me up, I think I stayed pretty close to my normal daily intake, just higher on the protein. Pre-workout: 2 rice cakes + @oldschoollabsblueberry lemonade pre workout 70 cals/14C/0F/2P

Breakfast: Zucchini oat bars (375g) 320 cals/42C/4F/29P

Lunch: Butter lettuce + riced broccoli + rainbow chili (225g) Peanut butter cup protein milkshake 360 cals/44C/6F/37P

Afternoon snack: Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Bake (375g) 170 cals/19C/4F/15P

Dinner: Double order of chicken fajitas - this was a happy mistake! I ended up clearing off the cheese, sour cream and guac. Asked for extra lettuce and ate the double protein, peppers, onions and salsa - it was my hot/cold salad all over again and I loved it! ESTIMATED 625 cals/40C/25F/60P

Dessert: Lily’s Chocolate Bar 340 cals/44C/26F/4P

Nightcap: Iced Pumpkin Cake 179 cals/27C/2F/17P

TOTALS: 2055 cals/240C/63F/165P

Overall I woke up Sunday feeling great and actually pretty darn hungry; my body telling me I may have consumed less at dinner than I thought. That’s not uncommon when I guess at restaurant meals, since I always try to overestimate the extra fat used in preparation.

Per usual, lots of food here and none of it took more than 5 min to heat or assemble 🙌

What are your thoughts on meals out? Do they go untracked or do you go with a MyFitnessPal ‘Quick Add’ like I did?

October 28, 2019

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