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Enjoying All The Celebrations!

So this is a snapshot from yesterday; my husband’s birthday, more commonly known as ‘Anna’s Birthday Eve’ in our house. Check back one post and you’ll get the whole story!⠀ I always know these 48 hours are going to be sugar-laden and indulgence-driven. And I don’t ever shy away. It is a special time in our family and I lean into it, the same way I do when challenging my body or my mindset to change. ⠀ By being present and mindful in these moments, I get better at taking in the entire experience beyond just the food. It also allows me to practice an ‘exit strategy’ so once they are over, I can get the hell back into reality!! (Which actually has quite a bit of cake in it anyway)⠀ Pre workout: @imbuilt bar = 110c/13C/4F/15P⠀ Post workout: 340g ZPO bar + black coffee = 289c/37C/4F/27P⠀ Breakfast: Butter Lettuce + Veggie Stir Fry = 243c/38C/5F/13P⠀ Lunch: Hot/Cold salad with butter lettuce, spaghetti squash lasagna bake and riced broccoli + @pescience mint cookie shake = 361c/44C/5.5F/38P⠀ Pre-dinner snack: 140g egg white cloud + rice cake = 111c/7C/0F/15P⠀ Dinner: I skipped the nachos and enjoyed chicken fajitas with lettuce wraps and steamed onions/peppers (I asked for no oil and it was perfect) + salsa = logged as 475c/15C/15F/40P⠀ ‼️Dessert‼️Two big pieces of the best ever peanut butter ganache cake - logged as: 930 cals/114C/51F/9P - per an entry I found in MFP. Is it perfect? No. Close enough? Sure.⠀ It was for sure an overindulgence on the cake; but I knew I may want that second piece, so I ate light, frequent meals earlier in the day to account for a very high calorie end to the night. ⠀ No fasting. No going into the night famished. No guilt.⠀ What I planned for was a surplus of 225 calories, all in fat, but I estimate the day ended around: 2513c/272C/81F/162P ⠀ I overshot my calories by around 350, and went over on all three macros. Those extra fat and carbs will not bother me for a moment and I never worry about protein (my little satiety buddy). ⠀ I was right back in the gym this morning for my next workout and kicked off day two of birthday celebrations with what else...a piece of ZPO bar!

December 11, 2019

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