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Do you need THIS all or nothing list in your life? I do.

I won’t lie, thoughts of cutting have been flooding my head lately.⁠

I’ve mostly ditched the scale and tracking with any precision after overcoming some gut issues that were triggered last year from a windfall of stressors.⁠

Huge wins all around for me.⁠

But in the wake of one type of healing, another has challenged has surfaced.⁠

Turns out my unconditional self-love and peaceful stillness aren’t as polished as I’d like them to be. I know this because in my effort to focus less on my physical state and more on the mind/spirit connection to my health, I am encountering mental road blocks in self acceptance.⁠

If this sounds at all familiar to you and you’re tempted to dive into a deficit thinking that will be the panacea, I encourage you to check out this list below. It's one I pull up when I need the reminder that 'it's not time.'⁠

If you can’t put a giant green check next to every anchor…a calorie deficit (with any long term success) is not your next move:⁠

⚓ Past Diet History: If you’ve been in a deficit OR *diet mentality* more time than not over the past year, it’s not time.⁠

⚓ Hunger & Appetite: If you aren't comfortable and satiated no matter how high your calories, it’s not time.⁠

⚓ Relationship with Food: If a healing protocol, reverse diet, maintenance phase didn't lead to more freedom and minimal cravings, it’s not time.⁠

⚓ Recovery: If you’re not feeling well recovered and prepped for each training session, it’s not time. ⁠

⚓ Low Hanging Fruit: If you aren’t currently prioritizing water, digestion and sleep, it’s not time.⁠

⚓ Stress Management: If you're feeling anxious at just the thought prioritizing yourself each day on top of a challenging season in life, it’s not time.⁠

So even though I’ve been at maintenance (now a surplus) for 3+ YEARS, I'd still score myself at a solid B on the collective. ⁠

I haven't earned 'the right to diet.' ⁠

This is actually my one 'all or nothing' list because I know WHOLE HEALTH MATTERS and adding an *elective stress* like a calorie deficit during a time when I am still healing, would be satisfying my ego but sabotaging my long term health.⁠

Tell me, is this list worth saving for you?

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