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I know I have been talking favorite things a lot lately...and I think spending 3 blissfully peaceful days in Breckenridge has reminded me of just how much I value my comforts. ⠀

If I had to pick a favorite word in the English language it would be cozy. ⠀

Since quarantine began, I have pretty much doubled down on the concept of ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hyoo-guh’) - have you heard of it? It’s a quality of coziness and comfortable living that creates a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture 🇩🇰 ).⠀

How I serve my soul has so much to do with what brings me peace. And physical comfort is no exception to this.⠀

I feel so lucky that @cozyearthbedding reached out to offer me the chance to try some of their loungewear! Maybe you’ve heard of their sheets? Ultra-soft, brushed bamboo fabric, enhanced breathability for perfect sleeping temperature...⠀

And to have all that luxury in a flattering pullover design that could bridge me from home to not embarrassing myself or my family in public? Just made sense.⠀

I received (and have worn/washed/repeated) the pullover crew and the joggers - you may have seen them in multiple stories over the past few weeks. I wanted to wear them in different climates and wash them before I shared my thoughts because candidly, they are come a steep price point.⠀

I don’t know if I have ever loved an item of clothing as much as I love this crew neck pullover. It is both warm and breathable. Cool on my skin but the coziest fabric I’ve ever worn. I’m incomprehensibly always the right temperature when I have it on!! The joggers are fabulous too, but I haven’t gone a day without reaching for the top. ⠀

If you’re raising your hand to find out more, I have a code to share with you!⠀

CROKUS50 will save you 50% off - you can shop via the top link in my linktree! I’ll share more in stories too! And since I don’t have my emotional support animal Redstone with me, you’ll see me soothing all my travel anxieties in my new favorite Cozy Earth threads.⠀

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