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Some days I really miss living in shredsville.

And while those days are fewer and farther between than ever, I do sometimes get stuck in the desire to be really lean again.

But then….THEN, most days are like this:

I wake up to a miracle morning reflecting on how great it feels to eat like an athlete, sleep like a baby, then crush it in the gym. I glow thinking about the abundance in my life and my ability to embrace it. I relax knowing that my desires will come not because I’ve figured it all out, but because of self-efficacy (and the universe) as my guide.

What bridges me from a day of self-doubt back to one of confidence?

I don’t have a revolutionary answer for that but I can tell you what I did yesterday, which I absolutely believe catapulted me into my high vibrational energy today.

⌚️ Didn’t check my watch for anything but the time

🛋 Curled up on the couch in front of the fire and multiple games of football

❌ Avoided social media

💖 Connected and laughed with my family

🍚 Ate without tracking, but in the neighborhood of 2400 calories

📝 Journaled my thoughts on values vs goals

This list was done without any intention; they are not my ‘non-negotiables’ or a formula to ensure I have the best day ever.

But I want to know, what lead up to this? So I like this exercise as a reflection to understand what brought me to this place.

If you haven’t had a great body image day in a while, maybe consider how your days have been filled? Think back to the last time you were really happy - not just with your body, but *happy* in general. What did that day or time in your life look like? What was present for you vs what is NOT currently in the picture now?

I talk more about this in the book; the fact that we have everything we need already inside of us. But sometimes it drowns in the bullshit we let outside influences impart on us. Have you read page 96 about ‘Sealing the Ship?’ It’s one of my favorite passages.

So, I live to hear your thoughts on my posts - but for this one, I am not looking for any opinions on which photo is your favorite. But if you can’t resist, go ahead. It won’t matter. Because I’m living in mine and I’ve sealed the ship.

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