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Cauli Oat Bars for the win!

Before you @me, I have to say that I am very much NOT hating on donuts here. ⁠

But I’d be lying if I said TODAY, this box of Trader Joe’s glazed donuts were in any way as enticing as my slice of cauliflower oat bar, topped with the best glaze in the world, @cocoabarinajar iced oatmeal cookie.⁠

Or as much as it once was say...6-12 months ago.

Stick with me a second....⁠

They weigh approximately the same, both smell incredible and pair like magic with coffee. ⁠

But the donut is much denser, like a small, sticky brick that will leave me wanting more. And frankly I could probably eat 3 without feeling the tiniest bit full.⁠

The oat bar is lighter, more cake-like and is much more satisfying to eat for me because not only is it more balanced in macros (hello protein), but the nutrient-dense ingredients are going to help curb my cravings, not enhance them, and feel energized because NO sugar crash later.⁠

That sweet donut clocks in at 380 calories. I could hardly believe that when I checked (I guessed it would be around 280 before I looked - still after tracking for so many years, I underestimate just how calorie-dense the fun foods are).⁠

The oat bar + CBJ is 225 cals, with 20g coming from protein.⁠

So here is my takeaway...some days the donut or the cinnamon roll or the bakery cookie is the right choice for me. Some days 2 or 3 of them are. But whatever I chose has to be special and truly delicious for me to enjoy it. ⁠

Eating a glazed donut from a box by myself at 7 in the morning does not meet my criteria for what makes me feel good. (THIS is me intuitively eating - and sometimes you need to really pause to hear what you body and mind might be telling you here)⁠

Savoring it while my kids dig through Easter basket prizes or our family rolling into the best donut shop in town on a weekend morning - now those experiences are when I’ll enjoy something like this most! (This is also me intuitively eating)⁠

And in the meantime, no deprivation here. I can’t stress this enough - if you haven’t found ways to make nutritious food you love, check in with me! I might have a recipe for you! Drop your requests below....I probably have a recipe for that!⁠⁠

You can find the recipe for this one here on my IG!

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