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Carbs Give You Wings

This taken this morning before and after my upper body strength day thanks to @madeline_moves .

In case it isn’t entirely clear from my last two food posts, I love carbs 💗

But I haven’t always had a good relationship with them. For years I thought they dragged me down. I told myself they bloated me. Caused brain fog. Made me hungrier. You name the myth, I perpetuated it in my head. I even tried to ride the Keto train for a bit, which is what ultimately right-set my understanding of a carbohydrate, and how it works in my favor While every one of us absorbs and responds to the three macronutrients differently, there is very little arguing against the fact that carbs give you fast energy. And if you’re training requires any HIIT or progressive overload, you want them in your world. They refill the glycogen in your muscles so after a great workout, you see a solid pump (it’s not forever, but it is a fun party trick for a couple hours to show off the house that carbs built), and along with that progressive overload, build that muscle So don’t fear the carbs. Your body will know exactly what to do with that energy!

August 15, 2019

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