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ZERO expectations for the win

Expectations v Reality⁠

Exactly 24 hours ago we were on the road somewhere in eastern Colorado, passing a meat processing plant and I was wondering when I would get the awful thoughts and smells out of my mind. ⁠

Expectation: Twenty-four hours I told myself; everything is downhill from here and tomorrow at this time you’ll be settled in and feeling like a million bucks. ⁠

Reality: I am more run down than I’ve been in years. Far more than after my second COVID vax and actually worse than I felt going to bed last night.⁠

The combination of next-to-nothing sleep and the altitude has roughed me up good this time, and no amount of water or aleve can seem to rid me of this hazy, forgetful, hungover feeling I’ve got. It didn’t help that I took on grocery shopping and meal prep yesterday when the rest of my family was just chilling.⁠

I am not worried; this will pass and in a couple days I’ll be hiking and biking but somehow between the last time we visited and today, I totally discounted how long it would take me to acclimate, no matter how prepared I thought I was.⁠

Like almost anything I am eager to achieve, it’s going to take longer than I want it to. And it’s especially hard since I have been building this trip up in my mind for months and I am ready to play. Lucky for me, this transition-to-ready shouldn’t take much longer and only requires lots of rest with Redstone, a good book and stillness in this beautiful space.⁠

I am finally learning to ask myself ‘what do I truly need right now?’ And then do that. Not ‘what do I *think* I need’ or ‘what would make me feel good once I’m done’. I find recovery is so much faster when I don’t dilute it with other things that may give me a side of productivity in the moment, but also potentially offset any rest I do get.⁠

So today I relax fully. Tomorrow, NO EXPECTATIONS.⁠

Thanks for all the kind messages and interest in our travels! Any recommendations on things we must do or see while we are in Summit County?!




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