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Why You Need To Track Progress - It's Not What You Think

Putting a little PSA out there to take 👏progress👏photos👏 and 👏measurements. They are like the best little time capsule you never knew you needed.⠀ I know it’s the absolute last thing you want to do when starting out. Gosh, even now on days I’m not feeling my best I still do it, just to capture the full scope of my journey. But they have a purpose and it is more than just slapping on a ‘before’ sticker or celebrating some really good lighting.⠀ They tell a story. And not just any story - the most significant one. YOURS.⠀ The series of pictures I’ve amassed in MyFitnessPal is a reminder to me, not only of how hard I have worked, but also how my life has changed over time. ⠀ That spike in early 2019? That was post-holidays into our unforgettable annual trip to La Jolla. I made some pretty awesome memories trying every taco SoCal had to offer #noregrets That dip most recently over the summer? That was a switch in training to some higher intensity endurance work after putting in 18 months learning how to get under a barbell and lift really freaking heavy.⠀ If I look back over the past 8 years since I opened the account, I see babies, new jobs, family vacations, lost pets, new friends and so much more! I see a life...and one that if I’m lucky, will continue at this brisk pace of happiness and experiences for decades to come.⠀ You know what else I see? A reminder that I am not perfect. And my goal is not to be perfect. Do I want to live as lean as I can while still enjoying my life? YES - that is the sweet spot. But I know for sure that this will have to ebb and flow with the tide of my world. ⠀ So while my short term progress may reflect a downward trend in weight, I know that if I pan out to the ‘real’ progress report in the context of my life, this is all just one chapter of a much bigger novel. And I am feeling super grateful for the privilege of sharing it with those who want to hear. THANK YOU 🙏

August 26, 2019

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