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Why Not You In The Arena?

Whatever narrative you may be telling yourself about the limiting nature of changing your habits, remember this: ⠀ Those you see living the goals you wish to achieve, are not in a club, on a crowded bus or someplace the fire department will come and shut down if there are too many people. ⠀ They are in the arena.⠀ And in the arena - the limit does not exist (thank you Mean Girls)⠀ There is nothing on the planet that makes the person getting after their goals, more worthy than you. ⠀ The only qualifier is ACTION.⠀ If you don’t know what to do next, ask yourself, what would a person in the arena do? Then, chase that down.⠀ Here’s the crazy thing; we know we can do hard things. We see it all the time and we celebrate the hell out of it, as we should. But sometimes we cannot do easy things, like taking simple steps toward our end-goals. ⠀ Maybe looking at them individually, they feel too small, too inconsequential vs. the grandeur of the compass goal, guiding our beautiful vision boards. ⠀ Let me assure you, THEY ARE NOT. ⠀ So take that 5 minute action. Let that sweat, that journaling, that water, that pre-logging, that early bedtime, that meal prep, that side of freaking vegetables become a funeral for your excuses. ⠀ Habits don’t build themselves. They start with small actions.⠀ 👉What’s that one simple action you’ve put off? This is not a rhetorical question.👈⠀ Do it. Then tomorrow do it again.⠀ Boom, you’re in the arena. And exactly where you are meant to be.⠀

October 24, 2019

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