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‘Whether you believe you can or you can’t you’re probably right' -Henry Ford

Has quarantine been hard for you?⠀

I don’t mean the remote learning, the piles of dishes, the shortage of your favorite ingredients. Those are the hard-but-easy things.⠀

I’m talking about the real vile stuff.⠀

It’s probably fair to say this new normal has stirred up some never-before-seen footage in all of us, surfacing from the depths of our minds.⠀

I think it is hard for most to be alone with their thoughts. We tend to create a cacophony of noise to drown out the truths we’d rather bury under weeks of overbooked calendars and self-imposed deadlines.⠀

While it may feel massively unpleasant in the moment, there has never been a better time to self-destruct...I mean self-reflect 😉 There may be a fine line.⠀

Like most things that are hard before they are easy, it’s worth it.⠀

Switching gears from a fixed mindset (I cannot change’) to a growth mindset (‘I can grow’) doesn’t come easy. You have to train yourself just like you would to execute that beautiful chin up or understand macros. ⠀

Ever see a baby learn to walk? Or watch as your child learns to ride a bike? It takes practice, concentration and lots of falling down and getting back up again.⠀

Patience and determination is required.⠀

Here’s a challenge in taking one first step toward growth mindset (you can fasten that chinstrap if you want to): ⠀

Acknowledge whatever worst-case scenario you’ve conjured up in your head surrounding your fear - the one that keeps you from just taking action. Then, imagine yourself there. In that moment - perhaps at rock bottom. How are you feeling? What lead up to it? What comes next? ⠀

Now: reverse engineer yourself right back out of it and consider how to mitigate it. ⠀

This is where growth comes in.⠀

This is where ownership shows up.⠀

This is where you begin to create a new identity for yourself; one who accepts what can’t be changed and takes ACTION (however imperfect) against what can. ⠀

Anxiety is wasted energy. Rather than running on that hamster wheel, try strengthening your ability to embrace the kind of discomfort that produces GROWTH. Elicits CHANGE. Ignites ACTION.⠀

‘Whether you believe you can or you can’t you’re probably right'-Henry Ford

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