When you play like the game is yours...you've already won.

‘When you play like you’ve won, the game is yours.’⁠

These words, while so simple, absolutely detonated within me when I heard them. ⁠

What a small but powerful shift in perspective.⁠




I’ve been doing a lot of inner work lately.⁠

Thinking, journaling, meditation and other actions to in an effort to realize something that is likely already inside of me.⁠

But why can’t I uncover it?⁠

Maybe I haven’t actually made space to receive the message.⁠

Maybe I haven’t been still enough to process the lesson.⁠

Maybe I need to stop TRYING so hard and see if, with a little less force and a little more peace, the answers come to me.⁠




I realize this all sounds very abstract without context, but the point is this:⁠

I woke up today. ⁠

I have the ability to move my body. ⁠

I have access to heat, food, clean water. ⁠

All of this? It puts me in a segment of the world’s most privileged population and from this perspective, I’ve pretty much won the lottery of life. ⁠

Sure, there are hard days when I want to plant my face into my palm (or a bowl of ice cream), but objectively speaking, I’ve already won.⁠

So back to that quote at the top...I think that’s the secret. That’s the trick….finding gratitude for what I have, WHILE simultaneously LIVING as if I’ve already achieved my wildest dreams.⁠

Let’s manifest some good shit today. Who is with me? Does that quote at the top stir up anything in you like it did for me?

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