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When Shit Got Lit

In the early stages of habit forming, it can be really hard to take action that aligns with your goal, even when you KNOW what it is. ⠀

It requires practice and consistency, both of which DO get easier in time, but let’s be honest, are super sucky in the beginning. ⠀

One of the ways I first began to make the shift toward actions representative of my own fat loss goals was by trading out behaviors, specifically in relation to managing a calorie deficit. ⠀

Most simplified:⠀

👉Do less of the things that make you want to snack.⠀

👉Do more of the things that allow you to transition naturally throughout your day without a snack.⠀

Seems kinda basic. It is. I’ll elaborate.⠀

Think about this; often the activities that entice mindless snacking are also those that encourage us to be sedentary:⠀

Watching tv, drinking alcohol, batch making treats, spectating sports, etc.⠀

Double whammy. ⠀

While those we tend to do without being distracted by food, also happen to keep us moving:⠀

Shopping, cleaning, childcare, errands, hobbies, work etc.⠀

Double bonus!⠀

But what if you just really need to decompress or enjoy a feel-good activity? ⠀

Double down.⠀

Here’s a short list of things you can do to unwind that do not make much space for mindless snacking:⠀

Go for a walk ⠀


Plant some flowers⠀

Check on a neighbor⠀

Read to yourself a loved one⠀

Cuddle your pet⠀

Paint your nails⠀

The trick here to seek out the things that keep you engaged, feel natural and suit YOUR life - they’ll also conveniently be the behaviors you want to make MORE room for when you’re trying to break old habits.⠀

My most recent indulgence happens to be one that’s not exactly in the ‘productivity’ category, but totally worth sharing: ⠀

Search YouTube for ‘news bloopers.’ ‘Work from home bloopers’ is pretty good too.⠀

There is nothing I love more than laughter - especially with my family - and this is a new favorite way we love to gather at the end of the day.⠀

Trust me when I tell you it is even too funny to think about popcorn 🤪⠀

Please share some of your favorite ‘double down’ activities!⠀

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