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When it's Time for Something New

Feeling pretty good about the fact I’ve started wearing the comfy stuff to the gym again. ⠀ I love my tie tanks and luxe-material tops, and it’s been maybe 10 years and 20 lbs since I’ve worn t-shirts to workout...but unlike everything else that’s old but new again (I am looking at you acid washed jeans and cropped sweaters), I am INTO it!⠀ Although I am very much a creature of habit (one of my more limiting behaviors I must constantly challenge), it’s been so fun to start new programming. Mentally, it breathes new life into my routine, but what’s more, I can just FEEL the new stimulus recharging my body. ⠀ Currently, I am working through @cody.boomboom Perform and Build that I picked up Black Friday. I have been consuming Cody’s content at an insatiable rate, and his candid, authentic and digestible insight on nutrition and training has me hooked. ⠀ So I knew his programming had to be my next undertaking. ⠀ The sweat level is low but the explosive power and strength work has me fired up! Hence the less cardio focused attire...but no shortage of that satisfying vein-popping pump (omg happy it is only temporary!)⠀ Even though I was probably ready for a building phase 3 months ago, I wasn’t there mentally, as I was enjoying the more circuit-based strength training so much. That counts for a lot when determining what workout modality is right for you! (You won’t do what you don’t like, right?!)⠀ But my desire to progress, coupled with my awareness of the need to periodize, gave me just the push I needed in taking the next step. ⠀ The 12 week program runs a 4 day upper/lower split, with 2 conditioning days, plus a restorative cardio walking day each week. All the workouts are delivered via email and loaded in an app. ⠀ There is strength testing and benchmark sessions to keep me accountable on progressive overload. I especially love how each workout weaves together strength, power and burnout. It makes me feel like I’m working smarter not harder. ⠀ It’s a really great balance for me right now since I am chasing some pretty exhilarating goals in my life, as it relates to launching my coaching business, Empower Nutrition 🌱 More exciting news to come on that!

December 15, 2019

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