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When it is nothing like you expected

Let’s talk ‘food rules’ for a minute.

For many people, restriction comes to mind.

For me, I always assumed I had none because I thought in terms of abundance:

Veggies at every meal

Cake (ZPO) for breakfast

No elimination of food groups

The irony was, my ‘abundance mindset’ was veiling some sneaky food rules that had grown pretty serious roots.

I’d have literally anything I wanted….but in very precise quantities.

My calories were indisputably high…but lack of variety was present.

After I had an untracked day or vacation, I’d get right back at it…but this was just ‘binge and restrict’ on a macro scale.

I let go of those a while ago.

But one of ‘food rule’ recently masquerading as abundance, was that I should not be eating gluten free because I don’t have a gluten intolerance.

Seems pretty flexible right?

But the rule was actually gripping me pretty tight for fear I would wind up in Paleo-land, one again afraid to break free.

So this casual experiment done in an effort to support my husband has shined light on the most remarkable thing for me.

There’s a difference between restricting because I feel like I HAVE to and doing it because it feels good.

And to be clear, there is NOTHING like fresh, homemade bread. The next time I make it, I will for SURE be enjoying it. When my daughter made cookies recently, chalk-full of flour, I had one and celebrated her. Took a bite of a protein bar (which will not be named) to film a reel, then afterward noticed it wasn’t gluten free🤷‍♀️

None of those things got me back into the rotation with gluten.

Because it feels so good to be HERE.

Sugar cravings don’t call to me. I’m happy with carbs like rice, potatoes, hearty squares of ZPO. I’m not opposed to eating bread or grains or cakes and cookies, but I sincerely am not being pulled to them.

How’s that for intuitive eating?

I’ll leave you with this today:

If you’re feeling fear about something, instead of getting lost in a negativity spiral, ask yourself…

What if it all works out?

What if it’s better than you even imagined?

What if whatever that scary thing is in front of you, becomes a brick on the path to an incredible place you never saw coming?


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